This report lists appointments with the billed and paid amounts, on-account balance, and copay collected.


The financial elements in the report are patient payment, insurance payment, balance, patient on-account, and co-pay collected.

Search filters of A11 Report

Field Description
Appt. date Provide an Appointment date range
DOS Provide DOS range
Legal Entity To filter results in a specific legal entity
Provider To filter results specific to a provider
Appt. type Follow-up, New patient, TeleMed, etc.; select one from the drop-down
Appt. Status Blocked, Cancelled, Checked-in, checked-out, etc.; select one from drop-down
Show Appointments with Charges only Check this box to show only those appointments where charges are created

A11 Search Screen

Sample A11 Report

Image 2

Possible Outputs of A11 Report

Fields in the excel output of A11 Report