The Admin Page lists a variety of functions designed to make your office run more efficiently. At the Admin tab, you can build lists and view or print reports.

1. Click on ‘Clinical desktop’/’EMR’ from the main menu on the left.

2. Select a patient.

3. From the respective note/face sheet, choose prescription/Current  Medication tab to redirect to Newcrop Portal.


These lists can be “pre-built” when initially setting up your office. These lists can also be managed over time so that the lists stay correct and concise.

Location Pharmacy List

This is the list of pharmacies that patients use for filling Rxs. The most common way to setup this list is to search by city and/or zip code. Pharmacies that are no longer used can be removed from your pharmacy list so the list doesn’t become unmanageable over time. A list must be set up separately for each location within an account.

If the pharmacy is chosen from the EMR, the pharmacy list does not need to be setup in the NewCrop screens.

Account Healthplan List

 Use this list to create a list of insurances used by patients. A healthplan assigned to a patient can be used to show formulary status.

 Account Drug Set/Compound List

Create and manage your drug set and compound list.



Reports can be used for tracking and reporting purposes.

Pharmacy Communications Log

This report shows pharmacy renewal requests and the responses from the prescriber.

Prescriber Report

This report shows prescriber activity for up to a month’s period.

 Geriatric Drug Usage Profile

 This report shows medications prescribed for geriatric patients. Included are any geriatric warnings.