The Audit viewer in the main menu is used for viewing the audit log of the activities for each user in the system. The modules in the system which are open for audit are Activity Log, Service Location, Insurance Company, Appointment Reminder, Audit, CDSS, Claims Receiver, EMR Option, Facesheet, Fee Schedule, Legal Entity, Patient, Patient Documents, Orders/Rx, Legal Entity Option, etc. Image 1 is a sample screenshot of the audit viewer screen.

Image 1

Search Options

Table 1 displays the various search options available in the audit viewer.

Search Option Description
Date From, To Date range within which the audit report is to be displayed
Activity The activity for which the audit has to be displayed such as Insert, Update, Delete, View, Print, Download, Transmit, Decline, Emergency Access, etc.
User This drop-down displays all the users in the system. Select the user whose activity has to be audited. If the audit is to be done for every user, select ALL.
Module Select the module to be audited. If every module in the list is to be audited, select ALL.
Patient Select the patient whose data are to be audited

Table 1

Audit Log and Details Section

As in Image 1, the audit log is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen. The different columns in the Audit Log are shown in Table 2.

Column Description
# The serial number of the audit record
User The user who performed the activity
Patient/Entity The patient/Entity related to which the activity was performed
Action Activity performed by the user such as Insert, Update, Download, Print, Fax, Download, Transmit, Receive, Query, etc.
Module The module related to the activity such as face sheet, legal Entity, Practice, Legal Entity
Date, Time Date and time of the activity

Table 2

Click on any entry and a detailed description of the activity gets displayed on the right. Table 3 shows the columns in the details tab.

Column Description
Column The exact field to which the change was made
Old Value The value in the field before the update/insert.
New Value The value in the field after the insert/update

Table 3


A sample INSERT activity detail is shown in Image 2.

Image 2

A sample UPDATE activity detail is shown in Image 3.

Image 3