Our new automated medical score calculator in the latest version of EHR will help providers prepare any kind of patient questionnaire and obtain the total score based on the answers provided by the patient.

Required Level-1 and Level-2 code and field types for the calculator to work

Component type  Component Name Code To be Used Required Field Type
Level-1 Any Name suitable for the calculator SCORE_CALCULATOR
Level-2  (For each question) Type in the question here Question Single Choice/Drop-down
Level-2 Down Options (any number of options can be provided) OptionName OptionScore-OptionName
Total Score Any caption implying Total score TOTAL_SCORE Short Text


Illustration Using GAD-7 as an Example

1. Provide Level-1 name and code.

2. Provide Level-2 Name, Code, Field Type, and Level-2 Down options as shown in the image. Click on Save. Repeat the same for all the questions.

3. Repeat the above step for each question by populating the ‘Name’ field with the question. All other fields will remain the same as in the image below.

4. Provide the name and code fields of the total score and set the field type to short text.

5. GAD-7 questionnaire in the chart after the setup.