Quick Pay permits you to make a payment without having to log in at the patient portal. Follow the below- given steps to make a quick pay.

Credit Card QuickPay from Portal

1. Open your Patient Portal page and click on the button on the portal page.

Image 1

2. This would bring up the Quick Pay patient validation screen. Enter the following mandatory info:

  • Patient Last Name
  • Patient First Name
  • DOB
  • Statement #: To help you locate the statement # on the bill, a help icon is provided next to the statement #. On clicking the icon, you are directed to PracticeSuite’s academy page to view the article with screenshots that explains where you can find the statement #.

3. Hit Proceed to Pay Button. For accounts that have not enabled the credit card payment gateway, the button caption will read “View My Statement”.

4. Once the validation is complete, you will be taken to the payment entry screen where you can enter the card information. Enter card details and click on button to complete the transaction. This screen would also show the patient’s balance, On-account amt (if any) and Statement History.

5.  On successful payment, transaction details are displayed on the screen.