1. From the Compose Rx window, click on the Take complete Rx to review page tab button to take this prescription to the Review Rx page where Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy and Drug-Disease interactions are displayed.



At the top of the Review Page, Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy and Drug-Disease Interactions and additional alerts will be displayed. The Rx is checked against Current and Pending meds.

Contraindicated appears in red and indicates a predictably severe consequence of concurrent use of two drugs.
Severe appears in red and indicates action may be required to reduce the risk of adverse reaction.
Moderate appears in yellow and generally indicates a need to adjust medications.
Herbal interactions are not characterized as to severity due to lack of standardized content and dosage.
Use the More Info link to see complete information on any potential interaction listed.
Allergy compares the Rx to the patient allergies as entered on the Compose page and are passed from EMR. Detail is not available as it relates to the individual patient response.