1. How does a mid-level provider access the New Crop site without restrictions?

Assign the provider to a supervising provider. For this, go to Security> User. Identify the user from the listing and click on on the far right. In the user edit screen that pops up, a drop-down for supervising providers can be seen; select one and save the changes.

2. Why am I not able to view Prescriptions? I am prompted for a login ID and password when I try to view the Prescription.

You are encountering this due to the SameSite security features enabled in your Chrome browser.


You will have to disable some of the SameSite settings under Chrome://flags.

1. Open Chrome

2. In the browser search bar, type “chrome://flags” 

3. In the Search flags field, type, “Samesite” 

4. Select Disabled from the dropdown options.

5. Select Relaunch at the bottom of the window.