The Billing Dashboard report provides an overview of the various activities. It provides Supervisors/Managers a single place to view the financial and other critical activities of the practice. Managers can get a snapshot of the key performance indicators to analyze the revenue factors and cash flow blockers for the entire practice. Furthermore,  the report can be run to look up key activities performed by the user.


To generate the report for the previous month, check MTD option and provide the last date of the month in the Acct. date filter.

The search filters of the H4 report are provided in Table 1.

Field Description
Legal Entity To filter by legal entity
Provider To filter by provider
Acct. Date To filter by Accounting Date
MTD/ YTD/ QTD To generate either by Month-To Date, Year-To-Date, Quarter-To-Date
Payer Name Filter by insurance
User To Filter results pertaining to a specific user

See Image 1 for the search filters of H4 report.

Image 1

Some of the Key Performance indicators that can be viewed on the Report are

1. Charges
Posted/Unposted/Pending charges.

2. Payments/ On Account
Total Deposits/ Patient & Ins. split/ Last payment posted date/Unapplied.

3. Collections & Aging
Claims resubmitted for prior months/ Outstandings by Aging buckets

4. Visits
Total Visits and Amounts

5. Patient Statements
Count of Statements generated.

6. Cash Flow Blockers
Office and Outside charges resubmitted over 15 & 30 days respectively.

Image 2 is a sample screenshot of the Billing Dashboard Report.

Image 2