The Charting screen.comprises of two main sections, on the left are pre built content headings
(SUBJECTIVE, OBJECTIVE, ASSESSMENT, PLAN etc). Under these headings, different Level-1’s are listed. When a Level-1 is clicked, a customizable list of Level-2’s (Component Items) to be included in the chart note is presented.
All the Level-2’s in the Consultation Sheets can be edited and new ones can be easily added to improve or update your notes.

Let us now add a new Level-2 (Component Item) Pre Exam under Chief Complaint,
1. Click on Chief Complaint, the list of Level-2’s to include in Chief Complaint will be displayed on the right.

2.Click on the Add button icon on the top right corner to add a new Item under Chief Complaint.The Add Level-2 dialog box will be displayed as shown below.

3. Enter the following information in this dialog box:-
i. Enter the Name and Code of this Level-2 in the respective boxes (in this case Pre-Exam).

ii. The Level-1 under which this Level-2 will appear as its child will be displayed in the Level-1 box (in this case Chief Complaint). You can edit this later on if required and change the Level-1 (Component) under which this Level-2 will be listed by clicking the search search_button button and choosing another Level-1.

iii. The List Order option gives you the flexibility to set the Level-2 to display in the items list as per your requirement. For e.g. suppose there are three Level-2 (Component Items)s under CHIEF COMPLAINT and you wish to view the Level-2 Pre-Exam as the first one in the list, just type 1 in the List Order box. Pre-Exam will be displayed as the first Level-2 in the list.

iv. Click in the SOAP box and choose where you wish this Level-1 (component) to appear i.e. under SUBJECTIVE, OBJECTIVE, ASSESSMENT or PLAN.

v. In the Applicable to User box, select the users to whom the changes in this Level-1 (component) will be applicable.

vi. Make sure the Active check box is selected; this Level-2 will not be available if this box is left unchecked.

vii. To start the narration for this Level-2 from a new line, click in the Start at new line check box and select it; likewise to end the narration at a new line, click in the End at new line check box and select it.

viii. To customize the narration, click in the Begin Text and End text box and enter the text that you require the narration to begin with and end with.

ix. Click the Save button.

The new Level-2 will be added to the Level-2 list under CHIEF COMPLAINT.