A letter setup in the Letter Master(under Advanced Setup) can be added to the required Consultation Sheets. A letter can be added to as many Consultation Sheets as required.

1. Open the charting page and select the Consultation Sheet under which this Letter is to be added.
For e.g. to add the REFERRAL letter which we setup earlier, to the Primary Care Sheet Consultation Sheet:
Choose Primary Care Sheet from the Consultation Sheet box and click the New Consultation Chart button.

2. If a Level-1 (Component) with the name LETTER already exists, add the REFERRAL letter under this as a sub Level-1 (Sub Component).
To add a Level-1 (component), click on the Add icon button on top in the Level-1 area. The Add Level-1 dialog box will appear as shown below. See how to add a Level-1


3. In the Add Level-1 box that appears, type the Name of the Letter exactly as you entered in the Letter Master while stetting up the letter. For e.g. since we named the letter as “REFERRAL”, type the same name in upper case here also.

4. Ensure that the Code name is set to LETTER. Click the Save button after entering the necessary information.
The REFERRAL letter will be added to the list under the LETTER Level-1.

Now that we have added the letter to the Consultation Sheet, the next process is to add Level-2’s (Items) and map them to the Letter Tags that we added while setting up the letter.

Illustration on How to Add level-2 Through an example

Let us add a Level-2 to for the Letter Tag named LETTER_TOPHYSICIANSNAME which was added while setting up the letter.

(i) Click on the REFERRAL Level-1 (component) that we just added. The section on the right will appear blank because we have not added any Level-2’s.


(ii) Click on the Add button icon on the top right corner to add a new Item under REFERRAL. The Add Level-2 dialog box will be displayed as shown below.


The Level-2 with the name To: will be added to the REFERRAL Level-1 and displayed on the right section of the screen.
Similarly add Level-2’s for other Letter Tags like LETTER_LINE or LETTER_PARAGRAPH which were added while setting up the letter and map them to the Letter Tags.


5. Click the Save as button to save the changes to the Consultation Sheet.