PracticeSuite is an Integrated EHR & Practice management system. Superbill – ICD-10 & CPT codes with modifiers and units will automatically cross over from EHR to Billing.

  1. Initiate Charting. To know more on how to initiate charting, click here.
  2. After choosing the preferred sections from ‘Level-1’, choose the Diagnosis codes with their respective Diagnosis Pointers (D1, D2, D3 etc.) from  Level-2 Down.

3. Choose billing/CPT codes along with diagnosis codes with respective pointers from Level 2 right and Modifiers and units from Level 2 down.

4. Save the chart as “Complete”. Charges will automatically cross over from EHR to charge entry.

Note: We can even customize the same in such a way that charges won’t cross over.