As with a paper chart, old medications are not deleted or “erased”. Any medication that should not be on the Current Medications list should be discontinued in order to keep an appropriate record. A medication that has been discontinued can be moved to the Current Medications list or re-prescribed directly from the Discontinued/Previous list.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that NewCrop will discontinue a medication if it is represcribed from the Current Medications list with NO CHANGES. If there is ANY change to a medication from the Current Medications list when re-prescribing, the old instance of the medication must be manually removed from the Current Medications list to the Discontinued/Previous list.

1. Click on ‘Clinical desktop’/’EMR’ from the main menu on the left.

2. Select a patient.

3. From the respective note/face sheet, choose prescription/Current Medication tab to redirect to Newcrop Portal.

Discontinue a medication from the Current Medications List

 1. Check the box to the left of the medication name; If there is more than one medication to discontinue, multiple boxes can be checked.

2. Click “D/C”.

3. On clicking D/C, the medication is removed from the Current Medications list and will be moved to the Discontinued/Previous list. It can be viewed by clicking the check box ‘Discontinued/Previous’.

Move a Medication from the Discontinued/Previous List

  1. To move a medication (or medications) to the Current Medications list from the Discontinued/Previous list, check the box (or boxes) to the right and click “Move to Current Medications”.

2. The medication will be moved from the Previous Medications list and gets added to the Current Medications list. Notice that the date of the medication will not change.

Prescribe from the Previous Medications list,

  1. Either click the box to the left and click Select (multiple selections can be made) or click on the medication name (in blue). This will take the medication to a Pending status to be prescribed.

2. Once transmitted, the medication is added to the Current Medication list with the date it was re-prescribed.

3. To view details about the history of a medication, click on the magnifying glass.

4. The Rx details page will show a history of the medication.