New, simple & easily navigable interface is added as ICD-10 under the “Assessment” in EHR module.

If the encounter sheet doesn’t have an ICD-10 Level-1 Code, simply add this code under “Assessment” by clicking on the “+” Add icon on the top of Level -1 section.
ICD 10 Level1
Once clicked, Add level-1 screen will open up.

  • Enter a name as required and make sure that the code is entered as ‘ICD10’ without any white spaces.
  • Select the SOAP as Assessment and click on save and ICD will get added in the assessment.
  • Click on ICD-10 look up Look up Tool button on the right side and the Look up screen will pop out.
    EHR ICD10 LookUp
  • In the EHR ICD-10 Look up, an extra tab called Patient Diagnosis codes is added. This tab will display all the ICD-9 codes specific to that patient and the corresponding ICD-10 mapping. If the ICD-9 codes are having an approximate or more than one ICD- 10 values, provider can Map the most appropriate ICD- 10 codes according to the providers perceptions.  Select the appropriate ICD- 10 code and click on Map button and that code will be considered as an exact match for the ICD- 9 code selected for this patient. For one-to-one mapping, the system automatically map the appropriate ICD-10 by default. The system uses the patient specific code mapping when a follow-up chart is created.
  • To add the selected ICD-10 to the EHR, Click Add to EHR button to Level-2.