This article explains how to insert electronic signature of a provider to encounter sheet of patients.

A. On the main menu, click on Setup and then click on Provider. This opens up the Provider setup screen. Select the provider from the list and click on the Signature button.

B. Click on ‘Upload provider Signature’ to browse and upload the signature. You can view the Provider Signature uploaded by clicking “Signature” as shown in Image 1.

Image 1

To reflect the provider signature on the clinical notes, follow the below-given steps.

1. Select Patient from the main menu to go to the Patient Search screen. Click on button and select the checkbox ‘Include Inactive’. Provide last name as ‘_Master’ and first name ‘_Canned’. Click on the Patient record that appears and go the Document tab. You could see the Signature uploaded as in Image 2.

Image 2

2. Click on the View option ; the provider signature uploaded will be displayed on screen. Right click on the image and select the option ‘Copy Image Address’.

3. Paste the address in the red-highlighted portion in the text below.

<img src =paste link here></img><br>#@ItemName#@<br>#@GeneratedText#@

After pasting, the link will look as in the text below.

<img src =></img><br>#@ItemName#@<br>#@GeneratedText#@

4. Go to Clinical Desktop and to the required sheet.

  • Add Level-1 window will display while clicking on the Level -1 ‘+’ icon.
  • ‘Name’ it as ‘Provider signature’.
  • Type ‘Code’ as SIGNATURE.
  • Select SOAP tab as ‘SIGNATURE’.
  • Click on ‘Save’; see Image 3.

Image 3

5. Select ‘Signature’ on Level -1.

  • Click on ‘+’ sign on Level-2.
  • Type the Provider’s name in ‘Name’ field.
  • Choose the ‘Listing order’.
  • Copy and Paste the link you created in the textbox under ‘Templates’.
  • Click on save; see Image 4.

Image 4

6. On selecting the level-2 checkbox, signature will be displayed in the note.