1. From the main menu on the left, navigate to Setup and then click on ‘Insurance/Plan’.
  2. When the Insurance Search screen opens, search for the payer for which the secondary Id has to be added using any of the search filters.
  3. From the list of insurances click on the specific payer for edit.
  4. Insurance master screen opens. Enter the payer secondary Id on “Sub Payer ID” field on the insurance master and save.
  5. On saving the secondary id on Insurance master, the secondary id gets populated on EDI under 2010BB Ref segment with a qualifier FY by default.
  6. In order to set a specific qualifier (say 2U, EI, G2, etc.) for the secondary Id on the EDI file 2010BB>Ref loop, enter the Payer Secondary Id in the below format to “Sub Payer ID” field on the insurance master.


Eg: 2U:6542D