If your practice is interested in sending lab orders electronically through the HL7 interface, follow the below-given steps.

PracticeSuite Needs the following info regarding the lab.

A. Lab name.

B. Account# with the lab.

1. Firstly, PracticeSuite will Submit Quote to Lab. This can be a bidirectional or Unidirectional Quote. Bidirectional: Send orders and Receive results.

2. After reviewing the Quote, Lab approves and submits the Purchase order to initiate the process. After getting a purchase order, invoices@practicesuite.com can bill Labs. Each Lab has its internal process for Lab integration and the Payment will vary accordingly.

3. interfacesupport@practicesuite.com works with the respective labs for the Interface setup. Compendium and AOEs will be imported.

4. An initial testing with the lab partner is done and the integration is moved to production for another level of testing.

5. After successful testing and confirmation from lab partner, client training is initiated on request.