J32 provides the detailed system financials Report. The report is similar to the J1. System Financial Summary Report with the added breakdowns by location and provider.

The search parameters for the J32 report include Accounting Date, Legal Entity and Provider. Image 1 is the J32 search screen.

Image 1

See Image 2 for a sample J32 report.

Image 2

Important columns in the J32 report are shown in Table 1.

Column Name Description
Facility  Legal Entity
Rendering Provider Provider Against whom the charge is billed
Beginning A/R  A/R at the start of the specified Accounting period
Billed Charge Total Charges billed during the Accounting period
On-Account(Patient) On-account money of the patient
On-Account(Insurance) On account money of the insurance
Patient Charge Charge billed under cash case
Insurance Charge Charge billed under insurance case
Payment Total Payment Received during the Accounting period
Patient Payment Payment received from patient
Insurance Payment Payment received from Insurance during the period
Contractual Contractual Amount based on the Allowed Amount from Fee Schedule
Write Off Adjustment Amount adjusted or written off during the Acct. period
Refund Any amount refunded during the accounting period
Ending A/R A/R as on the last date of the accounting period
Change in A/R Outstanding A/R during the Accounting period
Claim Count Number of claims generated

Table 1

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