Provider Level Settings are done from the Admin page->Account/Prescriber Settings (Account Configuration).

These are explained in the below table.​

Provider Setting Option Function
Clinical Options (these need a prescriber role to modify)
Hide mild and moderate interaction warnings.
Display drug-diagnosis interactions
Display drug-age interactions
Display duplicate therapy alerts
Display genomic alerts.
Display drug-food alerts.
Interrupt the prescribing of a drug with severe or contraindicated interactions alerts
Display alerts when a prescription exceeds normal dose ranges.
Display alerts when a prescription is below normal dose ranges.
Drug Search Default Options
Include only ophthalmic drugs
Include drugs that no longer have an active NDC number.
Cancel Options
Initiates the cancel process when an active medication is discontinued and has refills on file or was sent today.
Initiates the cancel process when sig directions are modified for an active medication.
Printed Script Options
Print button prints prescriptions without taking the user to a print/receipt view.
Each prescription prints on a separate page.
Doctor’s DEA displays on printed prescriptions
Doctor’s NPI displays on printed prescriptions
Advance Practice Practitioner’s DEA and NPI display on printed prescriptions.
Pharmacy phone and fax numbers display on printed prescriptions.
Automatically select coupons for printing
Workflow Options
Limit the display of prescriptions, renewals, and change messages to those tied to the currently selected location.
Display an address confirmation window when a mail-order pharmacy is selected.
Time Zone Set local time zone for the practice
Height Units Set default units for patient height
Weight Units Set default units for patient weight