PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 18.4.0

EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

 Product Release Date: April 2018

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Part 1: New Enhancements

1. Patient Signature Pad in Letter Master

The Letter templates can be configured to include the signature pad to capture patient/guarantor signature.

  • To configure a signature pad, navigate to Letter Master and select a letter. Include a tag <<SIGNATURE_PAD.>>

  • Navigate to Patient Master Screen and select a Patient. As displayed in the highlighted section click on Generate Letter(s) menu.

  • Select the checkbox for the Letter Name to be generated and click the button Print Letter.

  • The generated letter will have a “Sign Here” button for the patient to sign. Click the button and the user would have an option to Type or Draw Signature by selecting the required tab and click Adopt & Sign.

  • The signed document can be viewed by Navigating to the “Documents” tab of the Patient Demographics page.

2. Create Negative Payment for Refund Payments

  • The user will be able to add a Negative Payment from the Payment Entry screen by selecting the Payment Type as Refund and entering the negative value in the Total Amount field.

3. Provider Off Time

  • Provider Off Time UI are enhanced to improve usability. The listing page would list the off-times of the current month. Provider and Date filters are available to search different off-times.

4. Tax ID added on Payment Receipt

  • Practice Tax ID is included in the header section of Payment Receipt.

5. Group ID in Superbill Report

  • Added Group ID in Superbill Report.

6. Taxonomy code on paper claims

  • Added Taxonomy code in box 24J and 33b for the PAPER claim form.

7. Patient Web Kiosk Forms

  • The Patient Web kiosk Forms would follow the same listing order as given in EMR Admin Kiosk tab.

8. HCFA Forms Billing Address

  • The billing address would be populated in Box 33 instead of Pay to Address in the HCFA forms.

9. Portal Access

If a patient has Portal Access a tick mark would be displayed on the Patient Demographics page on the Portal Access tab else a warning symbol would be displayed.

  • This is how a patient without Portal Access would be displayed

  • A Patient with Portal Access will be displayed with a green tick mark


1. H7: Patient Encounter Count By Provider Report

The Patient Encounter Count By Provider Report lists the Patient Count and Encounter Count for the selected period and displays Total Charges. In the current release an option to Export to Excel has been provided.

2. J29 Monthly Transaction Summary Report & J30 Key Metrics Summary Report

The On Account amount has been added to both the reports.