PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 18.7.7
EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

      Product Release Date: March 2019

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Part I – Enhancements

1. ERA Posting

    Added Line Sub Status and Denial Code fields to the ERA posting screen.
    Image 1.1) ERA Posting

2. Payment Entry

    The Payment Entry and Payment Listing screens revamped and upgraded to new UI.

a) Editing Payments:-

    Image 2.1) Payment Search

    Image 2.2) Payment Entry/Edit screen

b) Performance

    The new UI brings improved performance and pagination on the payment screen.

3.Encounter Procedure

    The Code-Modifier field is now made editable in the Encounter Procedure setup screen.
    Image 3.1) Encounter Procedure Setup

4. Accounting Date on Edit Charges (Charge Master)

    4.1) Accounting Date field becomes non-editable if the date falls in a closed period.
    Image 4.1) Charge Master

Part – II Reports

5. H2: Operational Dashboard (Drill Down)

    Date of Service and Patient Balance fields added to the details of the KPI parameter – “Patients with Balances and No Statements Sent Over 60 Days”
    Image 5.1) Report – Patients with Balances and No Statements Sent Over 60 Days.

6. Reports Tally

    Previously, total charges & account receivable numbers were not matching between – J1. System Financial Summary Report ,J9. Daily/Month –End Close Report, E7. Patient Visit Count By Provider and I23. Financial Details By Service Location. This has been corrected.

7. I8: Summary Encounter Line Activities Report

    Expected Amount added to the detailed Excel report format of I8. Summary Encounter Line Activities Report.

8. C2: Legal Entity filter in Patient Statement screen

    Running statements by selecting the Legal Entity will now populate the selected Legal Entity name and information in the CSV format of the statement.

9. G3: Collector Productivity Report and I6: Posting Detail Report

    Claim# added to both – Collector Productivity Report and the Posting Detail Report.

10. J10: Year-To-Date Receipts and Adjustments Analysis Report

    Service Location split added to the report Year-To-Date Receipts and Adjustments Analysis Report.

11. H3: End Of Month Report Package

    Entity and Payer Name added to the sheet named – “Payments By Service Location”.

12. J7: Monthly Activity Analysis Report, G2: Denial Report and E1: Referring Provider Patient Count Report

    Legal Entity filter added to the above reports.