PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 19.5.0
EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

        Product Release Date: May 2020

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 ‘TeleMed’ Module Introduced for Remote Patient Care.

PracticeSuite has introduced TeleMed module for remote patient consultation. The product was rolled out in April and has already been adopted by a large number of Providers. The Telemed feature provides access and continuity of care and helps maximize reimbursement. PracticeSuite TeleMed app is both HIPAA/HITECH compliant.

For EMR users, the Telemed app is strapped on to the Clinical Desktop interface and can be accessed from the clinical screen. For non EMR users, the app is available as a standalone product with a separate access menu. See Image 1.1a.

Non EHR customers can click on the TeleMed menu to access the application.

Image 1.1a

On clicking the TeleMed icon and initiating the session, the Telemed console opens up as shown in Image 1.1b .

Image 1.1b

Users can utilize various options in the TeleMed console during the session :

a. Share screen: Providers/Patients can use Share screen option to share their screen .

b. Screen Capture: Providers can capture patient’s screen using this option. The image is saved in the patient’s Document Manager as doc type -Telemed.

c. Chat: Patient/Provider can IM during the session.

d. Notes: Providers can add pertinent notes of the visit into the this area which will then be recorded into the Telemed sheet.

e. Other than the above options, a few more such as, to Mute/Unmute audio, Manage video quality etc. have been made available.

1.2 MIPS Dashboard 2020 and Improvement Activities

MIPS Dashboard for 2020 has been updated to reflect the updated improvement activities.

1.3 Send to Ability Option in Patient Statement Screen

Patient Statements can be pushed through our newest partner clearinghouse- Ability for printing and mailing using the new “Send to Ability” option. Please see Image 1.3. However, note that this would require a separate setup and interested customers can contact our Sales or Enrollment team.

Image 1.3

1.4 Covid-19 Diagnosis Codes added to ICD-10 Repository

Covid-19 diagnosis codes have been added to the ICD-10 repository.

1.5  Worker Compensation Claim ID in HCFA Paper Claims

Worker Compensation Claim ID to populate in box 11b of the HCFA paper claim.

1.6 Auto Create CoB Payers through Billing Option

A new option is made available in Billing Options screen to enable or disable auto creation of COB Payer from ERAs. Select ‘Yes’ for the option named “Auto Create COB Payer from ERA” to enable the auto creation feature. The updated Billing Options screen is shown in Image 1.6.

Image 1.6

1.7 H13. KPI Dashboard Report

A new report on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard added to Reports Central. This is a high level performance report that captures the health of the Practice and provides a bird’s eye view of the billing landscape and insights into operational efficiencies or critical cash flow blockers. This report also provides a trending based on past 6 month’s historical. See Image 1.7.

Image 1.7

1.8 EHR:  Radiology Orders – Diagnosis Codes to Show in Level 2 Right.

For Radiology Orders , any item selected in Level 2 Radiology Orders and Diagnosis codes is now shown as Level 2 right option. This was done to help users quickly and easily add diagnosis code(s) corresponding to the radiology procedure; see Image 1.8.

Image 1.8

1.9 ERA: Unmatched Claims are Listed Separately

In ERA Posting screens, any unmatched claims will be listed under a new tab named “Exceptions”; see highlighted in Image 1.9. This separate listing helps users to quickly identify claims that failed to match/post from the ERA.

Image 1.9

1.10 I16 Report to Only Show Posted Claims

 I16 Insurance Reimbursement Variance % Report has been changed to show only those claims that have payments applied in the selected date range. Previously, all encounters created in the date range would have shown up in the report reflecting an ambiguous variance information.

In addition, the Allowed Amount will now display the actual allowed amount entered at the time of posting. If the Allowed Amount entered was ‘0’, then for reporting purposes, the allowed amount will be taken as the difference of Charge and Adjustment amounts.

1.11 LE Pop-up Search and Select in Charge Master

An LE search pop up has been added in Charge Master screen. Users can search and select Legal Entities with Name, Taxonomy, NPI or their combinations. Image 1.11a, shows the pop-up button in Charge Master.

Image 1.11a

Image 1.11b shows the new LE Search page.

Image 1.11b

1.12 Integrations Partner Info added in ‘About’ Screen.

The ‘About’ link in the user profile menu will hereafter display the integrated partner names (if any) and the group info. The ‘About’ link can be accessed from the user profile menu as shown in Image 1.12.

Image 1.12

1.13 Improved Payer Name Search in Payment Entry Screen

Payer name (Patient name) in the Payment Entry screen can now be looked up with either first or last names. The system will show results matching both first and last name on entering of the search string.

1.14 Claims Workbench- Claims History List Sorted by Claim Date

Claims in the History tab of the Claims Workbench is now sorted in the descending order of Claim Date.

1.15  Sorting of Patient Demographics Notes

Notes in the Patient Demographics page is ordered in inverse chronological order.

Part – 2 Reports

2.1 A New Report for Provider Wise Receipts and On Account Totals

A new report “I25. Payment Receipts by Month by Provider” is added in Report Central to show the Provider wise payments and on accounts for the selected date range. Please note that for the closed months, the on-account activities post the closed date will not be captured in this report.  Accounting Date, LE & Provider have been added as the report filters; refer Image 2.1.

Image 2.1

2.2 Accounting Date Reporting

The new accounting date reporting logic continues to be rolled out to additional reports in the system. The report logic update addresses the movement of payments and charges in a closed period. In addition to the reports that were already updated in the previous release, the following reports will henceforth follow the new logic :

      • D10 Running A/R Report
      • I3 Charges Billed By Month By Provider By Insurance Report
      • I5 On Account Payment Report
      • I11 Adjustment Report
      • J6 Charges/Payments Reconciliation Report.

2.3 I4 Payment Deposit Report

In the Summary section of the Payment Deposit Report, added a new field named “Other Month On-Account”; see Image 2.3.

Image 2.3

2.4 I8 Summary- Encounter Line Activities Report

In the Detailed Excel output (‘Export to Excel Detailed’) a new sheet named “Accounting Period Activities” is added and highlights in yellow the charges from closed months that had changes made to them in the current reporting period.

Image 2.4

2.5 J13. Procedure Count By Provider(s) Report

The report has been modified for better readability and efficiency. The report lists Providers horizontally and Months vertically; refer to Image 2.5.

Image 2.5

2.6 J9 Daily/Month End Close Report

J9 Daily/Month End Close Report has been modified to show the New and Established Patient Visits breakup (count) based on the servicing procedure code.  A new column ‘Other’ is added to show the count for procedures that do not fall in either the New/Est category.

Image 2.6

2.7 G1. Claims Details Report

Added CSV option to the report export options; refer to Image 2.7.

Image 2.7

2.8 On Account Split in J1 and J9 Reports

On-account breakup between current  and other months is shown as mouse-over in J1 and J9 reports.

2.9 I6 Posting Detail Report

Two new columns added to the detailed excel output of the I6 report and below info shows how the amounts are calculated:

a. Total Charge= Charge * No. of Units

b. Allowed Amount (Fee Schedule) =  Allowed Amount in Fee schedule * No. of Units

2.10 D2 Detailed Insurance Aging Report

A direct excel report extract option added in the report screen.  Users without having to wait for the report to load and paint to the screen can immediately use the excel report extract option to extract the aging data to excel.

2.11 D3 Summary-Patient/Guarantor Balance and Aging Report 

MR# field added to the excel output.

Part – 3 Bugs

3.1 Adjustment Reason Code and Amount Not Displayed in ERA

Due to an aberration in the format of some random ERA files received in the system, the adjustment reason codes and their corresponding amounts were obscured in these ERAs, though they always posted correctly. This random ERA issue has now been addressed.

3.2 Bulk Reversal against Payment in the Closed Period

Bulk reversals on payments in the closed period would no longer affect the closed month numbers and will going forward show as an activity for the current open period.

3.3 Provider LE, in Collection Manager assigned To Do Items

To Do items assigned from Collection Manager were missing the Provider LE. The issue is resolved and the Provider LE will now show up in ‘To Do’ info.

3.4 Payments Against Voided Lines in J1, J9 and D10 reports

Payments applied to voided lines were not reflecting in J1. System Financial Summary Report, J9. Daily/Month End Close Report and D10. Running A/R Report. This error is now resolved.

3.5 Special Characters appearing as “?” in EHR narration

Special characters showed up as “?” (question mark) in EHR note. This conversion error has been addressed.

3.6 H5 Productivity 360 Report unable to display Pivot Tables in Excel 2019 version

This bug is now resolved and Pivots will successfully load in all versions of Excel.

3.7 GL Report and GL Detailed Report

Leading spaces in Debit and Credit Amount fields in GL excel reports have been removed. The leading spaces previously caused the numbers to be formatted as text.