PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 19.6.0
EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

        Product Release Date: July 2020

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 Upload Documents Option Enabled for TeleMed Module 

TeleMed module now has option for patients to upload documents. A maximum of 5 documents can be uploaded by the sender. Uploaded documents auto attach to the patient’s document management. Senders can click on the attachment icon to upload files by either browsing to the file(s) and selecting or using the drag and drop feature. Please note that the upload option will only be available during the active session and will cease to be available as soon as the session is ended.

1.2 Color Coding Appointments by Appointment Type in Scheduler

PracticeSuite brings the added option of color coding appointments by appointment type, this is in addition to the already existing color coding by appointment status. This gives users the flexibility to choose between appointment type or appointment status for color coding of the appointments. The required selection can be made from the Scheduler Option screen as shown in Image 1.2.

Image 1.2


1.3 Self-Import of Standard Fee Schedule

Users can now upload Standard Fee Schedule from the front end. Previously, this feature was limited to Custom Fee Schedule uploads. The file structure required for the upload is akin to CFS and format has to be in either Excel or CSV.

1.4 Batch Eligibility Enabled for ‘Ability’ Customers

Users can now run batch eligibility through our newest clearinghouse partner – Ability.

1.5 ERA Posting- Remark Codes- N781, N782 or N783

When the following remark codes- N781, N782 and N783 are present in the ERA, the next action for posting will be in accordance to as in the table listed below. Please refer  Table 1.5.

Remark Code Scenario Action
N781, N782, N783 Remark Codes are present in the Primary Payer’s ERA (with code- “Processed as Primary”) and an active Secondary Payer is present for the patient Balance is Billed to the Secondary
Remark Codes are present in the Primary Payer’s ERA (with code- “Processed as Primary”) and and there is no active secondary payer for the patient Balance is adjusted
Remark Codes are present in the Secondary Payer’s ERA (with code – “Processed as Secondary”) and there is no active tertiary payer for the patient Balance is adjusted
If these come from the Secondary Payer (with code- “Processed as Secondary”) and there is a active tertiary payer for the patient Balance is Billed to the Tertiary

Table 1.5


1.6 Email Payment Receipt

Henceforth, payment receipts can be directly emailed to the patient or their guarantor from either, the Payment Search screen or Payment Entry Enter/Edit Screen. Image 1.6a shows the email icon in the Payment Search screen.

Image 1.6a

Image 1.6b shows the email option in the Enter/Edit Payment screen.

Image 1.6b

Important Info:

a. In Enter/Edit payment screen, check the box “Email Receipt” before saving the payment to trigger the email.

b. Receipts can only be emailed to patients and guarantors. Email id for sending the receipt is picked up from patient demographics (for patients) and from Guarantor Master (for guarantor).

c. If the option is unavailable ( as in Image 1.6a), this indicates that the email address of the patient/guarantor is not entered.

1.7 New Claim Validation Rule Based on Patient Age

A new claim rule has been added to validate preventive visit procedure code(s) based on the patient age. See table Table 1.7 for more info.

Procedure Code Age
99391  less than 1 year
99392 1-4 years
99393 5-11 years
99394 12-17 years
99395 18-39
99396 40-64
99397 65 and older

Table 1.7


1.8 Payment Plan (Installment Option) in Patient Master

For user convenience, Payment Plan/Installment Plan is made available in the Patient Master screen. Image 1.8 shows the Installment link in the Patient Master Screen.

Image 1.8

1.9 Charge Entry- Warning if EHR Note is Not Complete

If the EHR Note in PracticeSuite isn’t complete, a warning dialog is displayed to the user in the Charge Entry screen when the user attempts to save the charge. Please see Image 1.9.

Image 1.9

1.10 Need More Info Queue- Filing Limit Column Added

A new column named Filing Limit (Days) is added to the Need More Info Queue screen. This is to indicate the days remaining for timely filing and is populated on the threshold entered in the Untimely Filing Limit field in the Insurance Master setup. If the field is left blank in the setup, the system will deem the filing limit to be 180 days from date of service. Filing Limit will only be displayed for visits having an insurance attached to them. For charges already billed, the Filing Limit field will show blank; see Image 1.10.

Image 1.10


1.11 ERA – Fee Schedule Allowed Amt Column.

In the ERA Posting Screen, a new column is added to show the allowed amount from fee schedule.

1.12 Sorting of Patient Notes

Patient Notes can now be sorted by any of the column header on the notes screen and by clicking on the  column header that it needs to be sorted with.

1.13 General Ledger (GL)- Added Two New Account Types

Two new account types – “Running A/R” and “Total A/R As on Date” have been added to GL Master  .

1.14 X-Superbill- Warning for Blank Patient Address & Tooltip for Ins. Effective Date

A warning will appear on the X-SB screen if the patient’s address is blank. In addition, the insurance effective dates for primary, secondary and tertiary coverage will show up as a tooltip in the screen.

1.15 UB04 Charge Entry- Charge Updates in Closed Accounting Period

New lines can no longer be added to existing charges with a closed accounting date in UB04 Charge entry screen.

1.16 Payment- For Refunds, both Payment Date and Payment Entry Date to Default as Current Date

Previously, for Refunds, when the parent payment was from a closed accounting period, only the accounting date field auto populated as the current date for the refund entry. Going forward, both Payment Date and Payment Entry Date will default to the current date if the parent payment falls in a closed accounting period.

2. Reports

2.1 J32-  New Financial Report with Location and Provider A/R Breakdowns 

A new report added in Report Central named “Detailed System Financial Report”. The report is akin to the J1. System Financial Summary Report and has additionally the A/R breakdowns by location and provider. Click here to know more on report J32. Image 2.1 is a snapshot of the new report.

Image 2.1

2.2 A11 – New Appointment Report with Financial Details

A new appointment report named “Financial Details by Appointment Report” has been added in Report Central.  The report captures both appointment data and a snapshot of the patient’s financials such as – billed, paid, collected and a/r information. Image 2.2 is a sample A11 report. Click here for additional information on the report.

Image 2.2

2.3 A1- Appointment Schedule Report

A direct ‘Export to Excel (detailed)’ option is added in A1 report and is a quicker report generation option where users need not wait for the report to load and paint to the screen and can instead, directly have it exported into excel; see Image 2.3.

Image 2.3

2.4 I8- Summary Encounter Line Activities Report

Added a detailed CSV version for the I8 report; see Image 2.4

Image 2.4

2.5 I5 On Account Payment Report

Excluded fully applied payments from the I5 report. The report now shows only payments with on-account (unapplied) balance.

3. Bugs

3.1 Reject Reason Not Shown-  ‘Ability’ Clearinghouse

When the response status is ‘A1’ and with Category Code 684, the reject reason was not being displayed. This issue has been addressed.

3.2 Unable to Open Letter Master for accounts with Editions EHR Basic and EHR Complete 

This access issue for Letter Master module has been resolved.

3.3 Fav. ICD Codes Missing in Charge Entry Screen

Fav. ICD code tab stays empty even though some codes were being used more frequently. This has been resolved.

3.4 Web Appointments 

Portal Appointments were getting scheduled against the Provider in the demographics instead of the Provider populated in the Patient Portal. This issue has been resolved. Also, the requested duration of appointment was not displaying in the web appointment approval page, which has been corrected.

3.5 J22, J21 and I4 reports 

J22 and I4 reports used to error when filtered by Provider. This issue has been addressed.  J21 report used to generate blank data which has also now been addressed.