PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 19.7.8
EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

        Product Release Date: November 2020

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 Patient Portal- Consent Forms

Helping Practices move to paperless mode, Patient Consent Forms have now been made available through Patient Portal. Practices will have to configure the required forms in Letter Master. Once added, patients can access these Consent form(s) online and electronically sign them. The completed and signed documents are automatically recorded in the Patient’s Document screen. Here is the steps how patients can access the consent forms:

A. When Patients log in to the Practice Portal, they are first brought to the home screen. Image 1.1a displays home screen.

Image 1.1a

B. Consent Letters option shows up in the home screen and patients can click on Launch Consent Letters (as in Image 1.1a) to bring up all consent forms loaded in the Portal. Any forms added in Letter Master module with the Group Code – “PORTAL_CONSENT_FORM” will appear as a Consent Form in Patient Portal. See Image 1.1b.

Image 1.1b

C. Select the required letter and click on ‘View Consent Letter’ as shown in Image 1.1b. The letter will then open as shown in Image 1.1c and will include the option for patient to sign. After the form is signed, the patient will hit the option ‘Submit and Print’.

Image 1.1c

D. The submitted form is uploaded into the patient’s documents. See Image 1.1d.

Image 1.1d


1.2 Offline Reports Feature

PracticeSuite introduces an offline reports feature to reduce redundant iterations in report generation.  With this new feature users can redownload a previously generated report without having to rerun the report. This helps in improving efficiency and in reducing load on the reports engine.  The offline report mode is currently released for I8. Summary Encounter Line Activities Report and will be subsequently rolled out to other reports.

Image 1.2a shows the new ‘View’ and ‘Download’ options on the I8 report. When “Run Offline” option is selected, the report is stored and the same report can be viewed or downloaded by the user without having to rerun and paint the data.

Image 1.2a

The previous five offline reports run by the user can be viewed in the drop-down right next to Run Offline radio button; see Image 1.2b.

Image 1.2b

The offline reports will also appear in the Report Central Favorites tab under section titled ‘Batch Reports’ as shown in Image 1.2c. Reports ready for download will show up with a tick and pending reports will show with an hourglass icon.

Image 1.2c

1.3 “Do Not Send Statement” Flag at Encounter Level

“Do not Send Statements” flag can now be set at the encounter level. This is in addition to the already available patient level setting. This option allows users to exclude specific encounters from the statements. Image 1.3 shows the encounter-level setting in Charge Master screen.

Image 1.3


1.4 ERA

1.4.1 Payment Reversals to Show in Remit Print

In the past, reversals were excluded in the ERA Print but now a new print option has been added to the ERA Listing screen to include all payments and reversal information when printing the remit. Please refer Image 1.4.1 to see the new print option.

Image 1.4.1

1.4.2 COB-  Secondary Payments before Primary

For COB payments, if secondary ERA payment is received before primary and auto posted, the postings will going forward capture correctly against the secondary payer. 


1.5 Payments- Fully Applied Payments

A few payment fields will remain editable even if the status of the payment is fully applied. The fields that can be edited after they become fully applied are the following:

a. Payment Date

b. Payment Method (Please note that if the integrated payment gateway is enabled, the payment method cannot be changed from credit card).

c. Reference#

d. PSTS# (Batch #).

e. Comments

f. Copay’s for DOS

g. Upload EOB

h. No. of Pages

i. Default Adjustment Code

1.6 Patient Name Search

Patients can now be searched on Charge or Payments screen using the patient first name or last name without having to add the comma (“,”) separator. Patients matching both the first and last name will appear in the results. Previously, comma had to be prefixed if searching by first name.

1.7 Code ‘F0’ added to Clearinghouse Accepted

Any claims that have a response code ‘F0’ will appear in the ‘Accepted’ claims list in the Claims Dashboard screen.

1.8 Clearinghouse Setup Page- Custom Claim Rules Field

The EDI Claim Rules setup field has been given additional space and the field type changed to text area. The field has also been repositioned towards the bottom of the page. The increased space provides room to view/enter a lot more rules than previously possible. See Image 1.9.

Image 1.9


1.9 H13 KPI Dashboard Report

1.9.1 Tooltip added for all parameters in KPI Report to display the formulae used for calculation. Users can click on the question mark symbol to view the formula.

1.9.2 The date filter for the KPI Dashboard Report has been modified to input year and month instead of a specific date; see Image 1.10.

Image 1.10

1.10 Line Activity to Show Payer Id

Charge Master Line Activity to display the payer id alongside the payer name. Image 1.11 shows the line activity from Charge Master.

Image 1.11

1.11 Claim Note Mapped to Box 19 in HCFA

Text entered in Claim Note will now get printed in Box 19 of the HCFA form. 

1.12 Patient Search-  Home Phone Number Search

Home Phone number field in Patient Search screen can now be used to search patients by their home phone, cellphone or work phone number. The system will show results that match phone number from either of the three fields.

1.13 Collections Manager- “Export to CSV” option

 ‘Export to CSV’ option added in Collection Manager to export the data in csv format. CSV files being lightweight, export faster and take lesser load on the computer and application resources. The excel export option will continue to be available in Collection Manager.

Part-2 Reports

2.1 Accession # in D15, I13 & I19 Reports

Accession# column added in the following reports:  D15. Aging Report as of Accounting Date, I13. Patient(s) Payment Detail Report, and I19. Insurance Payment Analysis Report

2.2 Revenue Code in I8 Report

Revenue Code added to I8.Summary Encounter Line Activities report in Excel, PDF and CSV outputs.

2.3 Grand Total in GL Report and GL Advanced Report

Both GL Report and GL Advanced Report will now show a Grand total for the Debit and Credit columns. Image 2.3 shows the GL report.

Image 2.3

2.4 D10. Running AR Report- Field name Change

Changed the field name from ‘Net Charge’ to ‘Net Change in A/R’.

2.5 I4. Payment Deposit Report

A new column added in the report to show ‘created by’ username.

2.6 H12. Monthly Analysis Report

The new accounting date reporting logic has been rolled out to H12 Monthly Analysis Report. The report numbers will going forward tally with J1. System Financial Summary Report and J9. Daily/Month End Close Report.

2.7 J5. Provider Productivity Report

J5 report when run with accounting date will match with D10. Running AR Report and J9. Daily Month End Report for the same accounting date range.

Part -3 Bugs

3.1 Mammography Certif # 

Mammography Certification number even if saved in Practice setup field and enabled for the required procedure codes, was not auto populating in the charge. This issue has now been resolved.

3.2 X-Superbill – Changing to “HOLD” Line Status from “NEW”

Any bills in New status in Charge Entry could not be changed to Hold status from the X-Superbill screen. This is resolved and users can going forward change status to Hold from New.

3.3 Action Notes from Work Queue

Action Notes sent from Work queue screen were wrongly shown as being sent from Collection Manager. This issue has been addressed and the system now shows the correct source of origin.

3.4 Patient Statement Generation Error 

“No Records Found” error appeared intermittently in some accounts when generating patient statements. This error has been corrected.

3.5 Copay Balance

In Payment Posting screen, copay balance amount was not getting updated after the applied copay amount was reversed. This issue is now resolved.

3.6 Eligibility Verification Checkmark

The green tick for eligibility to indicate a successful verification wasn’t appearing in Charge Entry screen even if the eligibility was verified. This was resolved.

3.7 Inter-Office Messages- Unread Message Count

 The exact unread message count will now appear in the sidebar.

3.8 Collections Manager Activity Notes

The collection activity notes were not showing up in the Line Activity note in Patient Notes area within the patient demographics screen. This has been resolved.

3.9 I19. Insurance Payment Analysis Report Error

The I19 report frequently came up with ‘No Records Found’ error when the report is filtered by Provider. The error has been addressed.