PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 19.8.0
EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

        Product Release Date: February 2021

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 Payments-  EMV-Enabled Credit Card Terminals

Credit Card payments can henceforth be made from EMV-enabled terminals. This is in addition to the USB swipe machine feature already integrated with PracticeSuite. Multiple terminal IDs set up for each practice can be done through the ‘Payment Gateway’ tab in ‘Set Practice Options’ screen; see Image 1.1x.

Image 1.1x

A “Terminal” drop-down field is added in the payment screen for users to select the required Terminal ID for processing the payment. For credit card payments through terminals, card number, expiration date and CVV fields are not required. Image 1.1y shows the payment entry screen with the terminal drop-down.

Image 1.1y   

A. Choose the terminal ID, provide the amount in the Total Amount Field and click on Save; a message as shown in Image 1.1z is presented to the user.

Image 1.1z

B. Terminal will also display the same message; see Image 1.1b.

Image 1.1b

b1. In case of wifi-enabled cards, the card is to be shown over the machine and the amount will be deducted. Wifi-enabled cards does not require password. The terminal would first display ‘Processing Transaction’ and finally ‘Approved’ message would indicate that the transaction is complete.

Image 1.1b1

b2. In case of chip cards, the card needs to be inserted. The terminal will request for confirmation of amount; see Image 1.1b2. On confirmation of the amount and providing password, the amount will be deducted. Here again, the message ‘Approved’ would indicate completion of transaction.

Image 1.1b2

1.2 ERA 

1.2.1 Posting Medicaid Secondary ERA

When posting Medicaid Secondary ERA, if there is no patient responsibility indicated in the ERA line, the balance is written off.

1.2.2 Improved Validation to Prevent Negative Payment Posting

A tighter validation to prevent negative postings has been rolled out for ERA Posting.

1.2.3 Payer Name to be Displayed besides the Payment #

Payer name will be shown besides the Payment # in ERA screen.

Image 1.2.3

1.2.4 Manual Matching of Payer

If the payer is manually selected and matched in the ERA, the manual matched payer is given precedence over the system auto matched payer.

1.3 Charges- CLIA# Auto Population from LE

CLIA# will going forward be auto populated to the encounter from the corresponding Legal Entity setup and not from the Primary Legal Entity. Previously, CLIA # auto population was exclusively from the Primary LE setup. This enhancement will be applicable for all interface accounts.

1.4 Patient Portal

1.4.1 Race and Ethnicity fields in New Patient Registration Form

New Patient Registration in Patient Portal will require Race and Ethnicity to be entered.

Image 1.4.1

1.4.2 Appointment Duration

Appointment Duration in the Patient Portal will be populated from the preset values configured in the SCHEDULE_REASON_PORTAL Lookup screen.

Image 1.4.2

1.5 Payments- Accounting Date Filter Added for Payment Search

Accounting Date added as a search parameter in Payment Search screen.  User(s) can choose between Acct. Date and Payment Date to search payments.

Image 1.5

1.6 Offline Reporting

1.6.1 Offline Reporting for D15 report

Offline Report feature extended to D15. Aging Report by Accounting Date report. The offline report feature was introduced in the last release and made available in I8 report. With this release, D15 report is made available in the offline mode.

Image 1.6.1

1.6.2 I8 Report (Offline mode) – Date Restriction

Previously, if using a date filter, the max date period that could have been selected was 365 days. This restriction has now been removed for the report in offline mode.

1.7 Duplicate Procedure Codes in Fee Schedule

Duplicate procedure codes can now be added to the fee schedule albeit with a different start and end date. When listing the procedures in the Charge screen, the active procedure code for the corresponding date period is presented to the user.

1.8 Scheduler- Color Coding Option

Color coding option (appt status or appt type) can be blanket applied to all Legal Entities from the Scheduler Options screen. A new checkbox named “Apply to All LE” has been made available for this feature. See Image 1.8.

Image 1.8

1.9 EHR

1.9.1 CCD Print Option

CCD Print Option will appear in all charts going forward. Previously, this option appeared only if E/M codes were present in the clinical note.

Image 1.9.1

1.9.2 CCD Reports (New UI) 

C-CCDA Report Edit screen that is accessed from the Visit Hx tab has been upgraded to the new improved UI.

Image 1.9.2

1.10 Insurance Master

The “+Additional Payers” screen to list payer and payer id from clearinghouse’s payer list now includes a new mandatory “Claims Receiver” filter. If multiple claim receivers are configured in the account, this filter helps users to list the payers from all configured partnered clearinghouse payer list. See Image 1.10.

Image 1.10 

1.11 Code List Updated Based on the ICD-10-CM updates for FY 2021

ICD-10 code repository updated to include additional codes/changes.

1.12 All Lookups- Schedule Status and Schedule Type has Color Picker

Schedule Status and Schedule Type lookups will have a color picker to associate color to the lookup type. This would allow users to select color code for both schedule status and schedule type either from All Lookups or from the scheduler screen.

Image 1.12

1.13 Collection Manager- Saving a claim is now more faster

A manual refresh button has been added in Collection Manager. The refresh option prevents auto reload of the entire data on each update/save of a claim/line in Collection Managers. Users will need to click the refresh option to have their update displayed on the screen. See highlighted portion of Image 1.13 to view the refresh button.

Image 1.13


Part-2 Reports

2.1 D15. Aging Report as of Accounting Date

D15 report has an LE filter added in the screen (See Image 2.1).

The detailed CSV export will include additional fields such as- Insurance, Insured ID, Insurance Phone number, Modifiers, Units, Charge, Patient Responsible, Insurance Responsible, Patient Paid, Insurance paid, Patient Balance, Insurance Balance, Adjustments, and Age.

Image 2.1

2.2 I1. Charges by POS By provider Report and I2. Charges Billed By Month By Provider Report

The new accounting date reporting logic has been rolled out to both I1 and I2 reports. To know more about the new  accounting logic, click here.

2.3 D2. Detailed Insurance Aging Report

A direct CSV export option added for D2 report. User(s) can export the full data to CSV without first having the report data painted to the screen. The ‘Export to CSV(Detailed)’ will have the same fields as in the ‘Export to Excel (Detailed)’ file.

Image 2.3

2.4 I8. Summary Encounter Line Activities Report

Place of Service (POS) code added to the excel and detailed CSV files of I8 report.

2.5 E9. Interface Log Report

An excel spreadsheet export added in E9 report. All inbound and outbound messages between PracticeSuite and the partner system can be downloaded to excel.

Image 2.5

Part-3 Bugs

3.1 EHR- Units Updated in the Procedure Master wasn’t Crossing Over from EHR Chart to Billing

This error of the saved units not crossing over has been resolved.

3.2 Insurance Info not Populated in Case

Two-letter insurance names created from Insurance Master was not available for selection in the patient’s case. This error has been addressed.

3.3 Insurance in the Eligibility Verification Displayed Incorrectly

Financial Summary and Scheduler modules incorrectly showed the first checked insurance as the latest verified one. This has been resolved.

3.4 Legal Entity City Tag Wrongly Mapped to Primary LE City

In the appointment reminders, city was wrongly mapped to the field in the Primary Legal Entity setup. This has been resolved and the appointment reminder will going forward display the city in the appointment LE.

3.5 Procedure Code Validation Rule based on Code Modifier

Procedure Code validation rule previously ran on the Code-Modifier field instead of the Billable Code. This error has been resolved.

3.6 Withheld Amount Changing the Line Balance in Posting Screen

This error has been addressed. If a withhold amount is entered when posting payments, it will not affect the line balance.

3.7 Procedure Code Missing in ERA Print

Procedure Code and any related information were missing from the ERA print when both the adjustment code and patient responsibility code isn’t present. This has been corrected.

3.8 Scheduler: Child Window Remains Open

Child window would continue to remain open even after the user exits the parent window. This issue has now been resolved.