PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 19.9.3
EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

        Product Release Date: Oct 2021

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 Export Option in Masters

All Master screens – Legal Entity, Service Location, Provider, Referring Provider, and Insurance will have the option to export the lists to excel. Image 1.1 shows a sample Legal Entity export.

Image 1.1

1.2 2022 ICD 10 Codes

PracticeSuite ICD-10 repository updated with the codes in effect from October 1, 2021.

1.3 Notification 

1.3.1 Default Email Configuration

For email reminders and eStatements, the configurations page has a new option to choose a default “From (E-Mail)” to send to recipients.  If the option “Default” is chosen in the settings page,  “From Email ID”, “Auth. mail”, “Auth. Password” and “Mail Host” fields become non-editable, as the  <> email is used. Likewise, for the eStatements the system will use- <>.

A. For the appointment reminders, from email will use the format ‘Practice-Name <>’.

B. For eStatements, from email format will be the Practice-Name <>.

C. The following fields shown in the image will be disabled in the default mode (see Image 1.3.1a). Users can also choose the custom configuration mode, to use their own email credentials.

Image 1.3.1a

For text message setup, selecting the “Default” option will disable the Registered Phone# field (Image 1.3.1b). Custom option if chosen will allow users to add the number purchased from PracticeSuite-Telenyx.

Note: Practices should provide ‘Communication preferences’ of each patient to send the email and SMS reminders.

Image 1.3.1b

1.3.2 Appointment Reminders: Confirm or Cancel Appt

When patients receive email/text reminders they can either confirm or cancel the appt by clicking on the link as shown in Image 1.3.2. 

Image 1.3.2

1.4 Patient Statements

1.4.1 New Encounter Level CSV File Option

A new option is added to the Patient Statement screen. Payer Remarks and line-level information such as procedure codes, are excluded from this file.

Image 1.4.1

1.4.2 Statement Files Sent to Clearinghouse to Populate Billable Code

Going forward, “Billable Code” will populate in the statement file instead of “Code-Modifier.” Previously, the Code-Modifier value was populated in the statement files.

1.5 XSuperbill 

1.5.1  Pre-Collection and In-Collection Patients

Two new listings have been added to X-Superbill. Users can list both Pre-collection line sub status and In-Collections status patients in X-Superbill screen and they can also now clear the status/substatus in bulk.

1. For bulk Removal of In-Collections status patients, users can change the status of the lines to either Bill_To_PT or Bill_To_GR.

2. For bulk removal of  patients in Pre-Collection sub status, users can change the line sub status to any of the HOLD_type sub status. Image 1.5.1 shows Pre-Collection bucket, and sub status options that are available to change. 

Image 1.5.1

1.6 Charge Master- Record Line Sub Status Activity

Line Sub Status changes will be recorded as a line activity in Charge Master.

Image 1.6

1.7 Insurance Merge Feature

Users can merge insurances by clicking on the merge screen option  . Image 1.7 shows once you have the merge screen opened.

Image 1.7

1.8 eFax- Provision to Resend Failed Messages

Failed messages can now be resent by clicking on the “Resend Fax” option.

Image 1.8

1.9 Audit Trail for Service Location and Insurance Company Master 

Service location and insurance company audit trail enabled in Audit Viewer screen. Image 1.9 shows the audit report shows an update made to the insurance company address.

Image 1.9

1.10 Eligibility

1.10.1 A10 to Show Additional Payer

A10. Eligibility Status Report will display the additional payer and payer address on the screen and in excel.

Image 1.10

1.10.2 From and To Dates in Eligibility

‘From’ and ‘To’ date in the patient’s eligibility screen will populate the current date instead of a range.

1.11 Signed Kiosk- Forms 

Patient-filled and signed kiosk forms will automatically be uploaded to the patient’s documents screen.  The kiosk forms are uploaded as type-  “SIGNED_FORMS”. These forms are also viewable in EHR.

1.12 Mass Posting -Two New Search Filters 

New Filters to search using PSTS# and Accession# are added in Mass Posting screen.

Image 1.12

1.13 Credit Card Refunds

Practices can record the refund of a credit card transaction in the system without reversing the amount to the card. This can be used when the integrated payment gateway is enabled and normally, reversing/voiding a card transaction in the system will charge back to the card.  If the refund was issued from outside the system, for example writing a refund check, users can change the payment method to any of the other types such as Cash or Check or EFT to capture this refund without having the system reverse the amt back to the card.

1.14 New Claim Validation Rules

a. The coverage level of insurance in the Case and the patient demographics should match. An alert is displayed if there is a mismatch and the user will be prompted to update the Case.

b. NDC is validated for special characters and checks if it is 11-digits.

c. Future dates if entered will show an error in dos field.

d. For Medicare primary claims, Resubmission Code must be  “Original claim”.

1.15 Scheduler- Size limit of Notes Field Increased 

It is now possible to enter up to 2000 characters in the Notes field in Scheduler.

1.16 Encounter Procedure Setup 

To avoid procedure code mismatches when received through the interface from an external system, all procedure codes are going forward saved in upper case to maintain consistency.

1.17 UB04- SRC Field 

When manually entering a UB04 charge, Box# 15 SRC field will be auto-populated if it is saved in the Case.

1.18 Payment Screen- New UI

Payment screen when accessed from Charge entry, Charge Master, and Patient Account will now open up in the New UI.

1.19 ERA Screen- Special Character in Payer Name

Even if a special character is present in the payer’s name on the ERA, it will no longer stop the ERA from posting successfully.

1.20 Patient Portal-  Help Icon

A help icon is added in Patient Portal. Patients can click on the help link to read the online tutorial on Patient Portal.

1.21 EHR- Provider Signature Now Present in Faxed Lab Orders

Provider signature is now present in all faxed orders, this will help eliminate rejections for missing provider signatures.

Part – 2 Reports

2.1 ‘A10. Eligibility Status Report’ 

All eligibility checks made through the system whether manual or automated can now be listed on the A10. Eligibility Status Report. A new date parameter named – “Eligibility Check Date” is added to the A10 report. Users can enter a date/date range to list all eligibility checks for the day or for the selected period.

Image 2.1

2.2 ‘G5. Collector Worklist Report’ 

G5 report now can be exported to an excel worksheet; the fields are in the collection manager excel file. Also, G5 now has the offline reporting feature enabled; see Image 2.2.

Image 2.2

2.3 ‘K1. Uncharted Visits by Provider Report’ 

EHR charts for which appointments are not present would also be listed in the K1 report. K1 will display all charts in the specified date range whether there are superbills created or not.

2.4 ‘B6. Appointments -Charges Reconciliation Report’ 

Detailed Excel sheet of B6 report will list procedure codes for “NEW” status (unposted) charges.

2.5 ‘C8. Installment Detailed Report’

C8 report to show only installments of status- NEW, ACTIVE or PERIOD_COMPLETE. Installments with statuses PAID, PRE-CLOSURE or INACTIVE will no longer show in the report. Additionally, all lines added to an installment plan should have the line sub-status ‘INSTALLMENT’ to show up in C8 report.

2.6 ‘C10. Generate Patients in Collections List’

New fields have been added to the Collections CSV file. The additional fields are – Patient Phone, Patient DOB, Patient SSN, Patient Employer, Patient Emp Phone, Primary Insurance Name, Primary Insurance Policy, Primary Insurance Adj, Secondary Insurance Name, Secondary Insurance Policy, Secondary Insurance Adj, Guarantor Phone, Guarantor DOB, and Guarantor SSN.

2.7 ‘I8. Summary Encounter Line Activities Report’

The ‘Accounting Period Activities’ excel in I8 will show all activities for the charges after close and can be matched with J9 and J23 reports.

2.8 ‘D1. Summary Insurance Aging Report’

D1 Report has been fine-tuned to resolve any performance issues.


Part – 3 Bug Fixes

3.1 Time Card Report

Checkout time was being recorded incorrectly in the time card report. This has been resolved.

3.2 XSuperbill – Errored Claims.

Claims that trigger claim validation errors like warnings, messages, and alerts can now be overridden and processed.

3.3 Classic Case Switch Screen

The rebill option was always disabled in the old UI (Classic) Case-Switch screen. This has now been corrected.

3.4 Patient Portal – Download Patient Statement PDF

Patients can now download the patient statement pdf from Patient Portal.

3.5 Discrepancy Regarding Charge Amount In Case Switching Resolved

In the case of procedures having different amounts in different date ranges in the Fee Schedule, the charge amount was being taken depending on the switched date. This is now resolved, and the amount will be fetched from the fee schedule depending on the DOS.

3.6  CSV Output of C3. Patient Statement Summary Report now Shows all Records

CSV output of  C3 report for statement Type ‘Collections’ were displaying lesser records than the actual count. This is now fixed.

3.7 Bug Involving EOB In Payment Transfers Corrected

While doing payment transfer from one payment to another, the EOB was also getting replaced. This is now resolved and the EOB remains unchanged in both payments.

3.8 G1. Claim Detail Report Count Corrected 

Claims submitted as COB when closed will not appear in G1 report.

3.9 Inter Office messages

3.9.1 Contents of Archived Messages Now Visible

Users were unable to view the contents of messages in the archive folder. This is corrected and the archived message contents are now visible.

3.9.2 Character Limit of the Subject line Increased

We have increased the maximum character limit of the subject line of messages to 150 and thus errors in sending messages with a lengthy subject line is resolved.

3.10 Scheduler- Bug Regarding Patient Notes Field Corrected

Insurance info was not displayed and some links from the scheduler were not working when the Patient notes entered was more than 2000 characters. This is now fixed.

3.11 ERA Listing Page Will now Display all the Claims

When Claim count was more than 500, some claims were missed out while listing. This is now resolved and all claims in very large ERAs will now be listed in the ERA listing page.

3.12 Payment – Sort Function of Payment Date Column Corrected

While trying to sort the payment list according to Payment Date in the Payment search page, did not arrange the payments date-wise. This is now corrected.

3.13 Unwanted Text Removed from Prescription eFax

Inappropriate text appearing at the end of all Prescription eFax messages removed.