Product Release Version: 20.3.6
EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

        Product Release Date: Aug 2022

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 EHR

1.1.1 Enhanced Lab Results Screen

An all-in-one Connect to Lab screen with a brand-new user interface for easier fetching and listing of the results is available in the EHR system. Users can easily retrieve and view the results by choosing the status from the “Status” dropdown.  Please see Image 1.1.1a. 

Image 1.1.1a

Some of the “need to know” about the screen are given below.

* Multi-tabbed lab results page is replaced with a one-page screen.

* Select a lab from the ‘Select Lab’ drop-down beside the for fetching the latest lab results. The last fetched results along with all unprocessed results that were retrieved in the past 30 days are also shown on the screen. 

* To view all processed results, select “PROCESSED” status from the “Status” drop-down. Likewise, users can select “VOID” status to list all the voided results.

* If the patient is matched, the patient’s name is shown under the “Match Patient” field. However, for unmatched patients, a warning icon is displayed and mouse-hover shows “Unmatched Patient. Please match the patient.” Users can manually match them using the “Match Patient” field. Please note that only the matched patients are available for processing.

* All info on the results page including the patient name, is grabbed from the retrieved results. 

* Clicking on the  sign provides an instant view of the result (see Image 1.1.1b). The Result column icon can be used for viewing the PDF detailed output.

Image 1.1.1b

* In order to process the results, select the required ones using the check box on the left side of the screen and then click on the option named . If there are missing provider/provider mismatches in the result or if the user wants to assign the result to an ordering provider different from the one that is in the fetched result, the user can select the provider from the drop-down before clicking on the button.

1.1.2 Enter Lab Results from the Chart

Users can now manually enter lab results from the chart. Create a level-1 component under the SOAP with code LAB_RESULT_SUMMARY. This will open up the Summary page of the Lab screen and users can manually enter the info by clicking on the sign (refer to Image 1.1.2a).

Image 1.1.2a

Enter lab results manually into the fields shown in Image 1.1.2b and click Save.

Image 1.1.2b

1.1.3  EHR Screens from Clinical Desktop

There are some changes in the screens that pop open when clicking on the patient from the Clinical Desktop. Please review the changes listed below: 

A. Clicking on the patient name from either the Patients tab or from the Appointments tab (if no chart is associated with the appointment), opens up the patient’s Face Sheet.

B. The Alerts screen pops up when the user clicks on the patient’s name from the Reminders tab in the Clinical Desktop.

C. When a chart is associated with the appointment, clicking on the patient’s name in the Appointments tab pops open the chart created for that appointment.

1.1.4 Patient Image Indicator in Appointments Tab

The patient image indicator has been repositioned and placed under a separate chart status indicator column (see the highlighted portion in Image 1.1.4).

Image 1.1.4

1.1.5 EHR Admin Screen- Column Filters in Encounter Sheets Section

Column headers for Name, Description, Listing  Order, and Active in the Encounter Sheets setup screen now come with both sorting and search options.  Please see Image 1.1.5.

Image 1.1.5

1.2 ‘Refund’ Type Payment Entries

For accounts that have payment gateway enabled, users can no longer add a refund type entry if the “Pay Method” selected is “Credit Card”. A warning message will be flashed on the screen if the user tries to add the entry with the type refund (refer to Image 1.2).

Image 1.2

1.3 WorkQueue- Set Ranking Thresholds

Users can now set default threshold days for the “Untimely Filing Limit” and “Response Limit Threshold” parameters of the Ranking Workqueue from the “Billing Options” screen (see highlighted fields in Image 1.3).

Image 1.3

1.4 SSO-User Addition and Edit Restricted to Admins

Single-sign-on user additions and edit privileges are hereafter restricted to “Administrator” type users.

1.5 Patient Portal- Patient Kiosk/Consent Forms

Renamed “Patient Kiosk/Consent Forms” to “Patient Forms” (Image 1.5).

Image 1.5

1.6 Provider Setup- New Columns in the Excel Export

The Provider list export in excel (from the Provider Setup screen) has new fields added in the output file. Additionally, the “Provider Name column has been split into three separate columns for “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Middle Initial”; please see Image 1.6a.

Image 1.6a

The new fields added to the report are –  Start Date Effective, End Date Effective, Created By, Creation Date, Modified By, and Modification Date. Please refer to Image 1.6b.

Image 1.6b


Part – 2 Reports 

2.1 G5. Collector Worklist Report – Provider Taxonomy Code

Provider Taxonomy Code is added to the CSV output of the G5 report.

2.2 C2. Generate Patient Statement- Change in the Filter

The filter named ‘Exclude charges with Statement(s) Sent in the Last N days‘ (highlighted in Image 2.2)  can hereafter accept “0” days as the input for the statement generation. An explanation for the input days is given below:

* 0 – excludes statements generated on the current day. 

* 1 – excludes statements generated on current minus 1 day.

* n –  excludes statements generated current minus n days.


Image 2.2

2.3 ‘I8. Summary -Encounter Line Activities Report’ 

2.3.1 ‘Account Type’ Filter

The patient account type dropdown filter is added to the I8 report. Please see highlighted in Image 2.3.1.

Image 2.3.1

2.3.2 Payer Address Info Added in Detailed CSV.

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary insurance addresses have been added to the detailed CSV output of the I8 report; Image 2.3.2 is a section of the detailed CSV showing the newly added fields.

Image 2.3.2

2.4 ‘E2 Report’-Insurance Policy End Date Added to the Excel output

In the report, ‘E2. Patients By Insurance Co. Report’, the policy end date has been added to the excel output. Previously, this information was merely shown on the screen and was not available as a field in the exported file.

2.5 Practice Info On ‘I13. Patient(s) Payment Detail Report’

The practice headers that include the name, address, telephone, and fax number will now be displayed in the PDF output of the I13 report; please see Image 2.5.

Image 2.5


Part – 3 Bug Fixes

3.1 Collection Manager Performance

A significant fine-tuning of the Collection Manager app was completed to improve its performance.

3.2  e-Rx Refill Issue for Mid-level Providers

An e-Rx refill issue for mid-level providers has now been addressed.

3.3 QRDA File to Populate Patient Data

QRDA 1 file on Clinical Quality Measures will hereafter include patient data.

3.4 I16 Report -Allowed Amount

In I16. Insurance Reimbursement Variance Report, the allowed amount for denied claims used to be shown in the report. Denied claims have been excluded from the report.

3.5 Payments- Amount Issue for Fully Applied Payments

When the user closes out of the payment screen of a fully applied payment, the applied amount in the field changes to “0”. This issue has been addressed.

3.6 Payments – Refund Option

The ability to add refund type of payment entries has been reinstated for the non-payment gateway accounts. It was unavailable until the current release.

3.7 Inactive Patients Insurances in C6 Report

Inactive patient insurances were erroneously shown as active in C6. Patient Details Report. This is now resolved.

3.8 Online Appointments

Practices that permitted patients to book appointments online without requiring the Practice’s approval (these are Practices that had the online portal booking option selected as “Yes” for  “Allow Online Appointment Without Consultation from Practice”), these appointments were not showing in some of the appointment reports. This issue has been corrected.

3.9 Blank Screen on Scheduler History Tab

The Schedule History tab in the patient demographics screen displayed a blank page if the request reason (free text field) for any of the listed appointments had a special character. This issue is now resolved.

3.10 ERA – Sorting by Check Date

Sorting by check date wasn’t previously functional on the ERA listing page This issue is resolved.

3.11 Patient Listing in D4 Report 

Patients without either insurance or patient balance were shown in the ‘D4. Summary-Insurance Balance and Aging By Patient Report’ with a “0” balance. An update has been made to the report to exclude patients without an outstanding balance.

3.12 H5 Report Populating Issue

Users were unable to generate ‘H5. Productivity 360°’. This is resolved.

3.13 Voided Appointments in B6 Report

‘B6. Appointments-Charges Reconciliation Report’ erroneously listed voided appointments. This is now resolved and voided appointments are now excluded from the report.