Time Card Report lists the users who accessed the system in the specified date range. It provides info on the check-in and check-out timings of the user in each day and the total hours spent.

Note: Users not using the application in the specified date range will not be listed in the report.


Employee time card report is useful for payroll, user system usage and productivity analysis.

Search Filters of Time Card Report

Search Filter Description
Date Range Provide the date range for which the report
User Name Provide the user name to view report of a specific user only; If no user is provided, the system will generate the report for all users.

Search Screen of Time Card Report

Important Columns in the Time Card Report

Column Description
User Name Name of the user who used the application in the date range specified
Date Date the user logged in
Day Day of the week corresponding to the date
Time In Check-in time
Time Out Check-out time
Total Hours Total time spent in the application on the day; Time difference between check-out and check-in
Total Sum of the total hours spent on all days by the user

Sample Time card Report