PracticeSuite Release Note For Interfaces

Product Release Version: 19.6.6

        Product Release Date: October 2020

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 One directional Payment Creation Synch from Elation to PracticeSuite Enabled Via Charge API

Moving forward, when a payment is entered for a patient in the visit note in Elation, the same payment will be transferred to PracticeSuite along with the charge. In PracticeSuite, a SELF-PAY payment will be created against the corresponding patient using the amount received and the payment will be auto-posted. Also, henceforth zero-dollar payments coming in from Elation will be handled appropriately in PracticeSuite.

Note: If the payment is not required to be auto-posted while creating the charge, mark the “Exclude for Interface Transactions” radio button to “Yes”  in the ‘Billing Options’  under Advanced Setup menu of PracticeSuite.

1.2 Enabled bidirectional Insurance data sync between PracticeSuite and Elation

A. If the insurance inbound and outbound is subscribed for the PracticeSuite account, when an insurance is created or modified in Elation the same gets created or updated in PracticeSuite and vice-versa.
B. If only insurance inbound is subscribed, then Elation insurance master will be synced with PracticeSuite. Insurance created from Elation will be synced between both the systems using the insurance ID from Elation. The one created in PracticeSuite will use the name itself as ID.
C. If only insurance outbound is subscribed, then the PracticeSuite insurance master will be synced with Elation. The insurance created in PracticeSuite will have the ID received as a response from Elation.
Insurance created from Elation will not be synced to PS.
D. Once the insurance master is subscribed for both outbound and inbound the insurance is mapped using the insurance ID given by Elation.

1.3 Inbound Insurance Plan Sync From Elation to PracticeSuite Enabled

When an insurance plan is created for an insurance in Elation, then the same will get created in PracticeSuite if the insurance plan API is subscribed. Currently, since only inbound is enabled, the required insurance plan should be created from Elation. Any plan created in PracticeSuite won’t be synced with Elation.

1.4 Bidirectional Synch for Insurance Deletion

Hereafter, when an insurance is made inactive in PracticeSuite (wherein the insurance is end-dated leading to logical deletion), the same insurance gets deleted in Elation provided it is not associated with any patient in Elation and when an insurance is deleted in Elation, the same gets end-dated in PracticeSuite.

1.5 Transmit Insurance ID and Insurance Plan ID to Elation Via Demographics

Moving forward, insurance ID and insurance plan ID will be sent to Elation while sending the demographics provided the insurance is mapped using the ID given by Elation. If the insurance is not mapped, insurance ID and Plan ID will not be sent.

1.6 Real time eligibility check for Advinow through API call

Real time patient eligibility check now made possible and the matching will be done using either “Patient GUID“ or “PC REF#”. The patient matching criteria for offline Eligibility checks is “PC REF#“ by default.

1.7 Enabled Transmission of Patient/Appt. Info From Patient Portal to the Concerned Partner 

For Portal enabled accounts, the appointment and patient outbound will be sent to the integrated partner when a patient or appointment info is created or updated through the portal.

Note: This feature will be enabled only on client request.

1.8 PracticeSuite To Send SIU and ADT Outbound to Relatient For The eReg Integrated Accounts

When a patient/appointment information is saved in PracticeSuite, PracticeSuite will send SIU and ADT outbound to Relatient for the eReg integrated accounts via SFTP file drop. The default matching id will be “Patient GUID”.

1.9 Bulk Insurance Sync Enabled Between PS and Elation

A newly added feature in PracticeSuite facilitates pulling insurances from Elation and pushing insurances to Elation. This is beneficial for bulk syncing of insurances between PracticeSuite and Elation for Elation integrated accounts.

Note: The insurance plan will not be synced using this.

Part – 2 Bug Fixes

2.1 Send Error Response to Updox For Invalid Account# Received.

Previously when Updox sends a request to register an account which is not present in PracticeSuite, no response was provided as a result of which Updox sends the request multiple times. This issue is now resolved and PracticeSuite would send an error message to Updox if it receives a registration update for an account not present in PracticeSuite.