Interface Product Release Document v23.0.0

Version: 23.0.0
Product Release Date: February 2024

Key Enhancements : Inbound patient insurance update, bi-directional sync for guarantor information (Elation), supervising provider mapping for inbound charges (Elation) and multiple account mapping for Quest Labs.

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Interface Product Release Document v22.8.1

Version: 22.8.1
Product Release Date: November 2023

Key Enhancements : API to read and process insurance payments, ABN form update for Quest Lab, handle payment information from the latest DFT (Charge message) from Practice Fusion, etc.

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Interface Product Release Document v20.2.1

Version: 20.2.1
Product Release Date: May 2022

Key Enhancements : Charge creation activity display in Charge Master, Patient status update (Elation), deleting and renaming insurance (Elation) and phone number mapping (Ahlers)

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