PracticeSuite Release Note For Interfaces

Product Release Version: 20.3.7

        Product Release Date: Sept 2022

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 Ramsoft – New Provider Additions

New Providers will no longer be added through the interface even if the flag in the MFN segment of the HL7 message indicates it is a new Provider. The flag hereafter will only be read by the interface for user additions and ignore the provider addition request.

1.2 Upload of Immunization Records to NYSIIS

Immunization records can now be downloaded in NYSIIS-compatible HL7 format. Users can download the report from the EHR system by going into Advanced->Immunization Report screen. The downloaded file can then be uploaded to New York’s Immunization Registry.

1.3 TotalABA -EPSDT Flag

If the EPSDT flag is received in the bills sent from TotalABA, the EPSDT checkbox on the Charge Master screen will have the check.