PracticeSuite Release Note For Interfaces

Product Release Version: 21.0.1

        Product Release Date: April 2023

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 Supervising Provider Mapping for Inbound Charges

Supervising Provider info in JSON format if present in the charge message will hereafter map into PracticeSuite.

1.2 Inbound CCDA File Processing

PracticeSuite can henceforth read and process incoming CCDA files sent from partner systems. The CCD files can be received either from an SFTP folder or through a direct API connection.

1.3 Patient Ledger Access

All the elements in the patient’s ledger can now be retrieved by the partner system if needed. An update has been made to the connection to permit partner systems to retrieve the information.

1.4 Elation- New Warning Message for Demographic Inbound Error

For accounts integrated with Elation, a warning message will appear in the E9 report if the inbound demographics message from Elation has a missing subscriber#.