PracticeSuite Release Note For Interfaces

Product Release Version: 20.2.1

        Product Release Date: May 2022

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 Charge Master Line Activity to Display Charge Creation Activity

The charge creation activity was not logged in the Charge Master line activity screen when the charge was created through the interface. Going forward, this activity will get captured in the line activity and display the user (as “system”) with the date of the activity.

1.2 Elation

 Please note that the changes described from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 are restricted to the Elation-PracticeSuite interface.

1.2.1 Patient Inactivation and Deceased Status

A. If a patient was inactivated in PracticeSuite system, the date of inactivation was sent to Elation resulting in the patient record being deleted from Elation. To avoid deletion over the interface, going forward when a patient is inactivated in PracticeSuite, only an INACTIVE tag will be sent to Elation.

 B1.  For the inactivated patients in PracticeSuite the INACTIVE tag gets sent to Elation.

Inactive Field in PracticeSuite

B2. The INACTIVE tag is added to the patient’s chart in Elation.

Patient Tag in Elation

A few things to note: Reactivating the patient in PracticeSuite does not clear the INACTIVE tag from Elation. However, clearing the INACTIVE tag in Elation will automatically reactivate the patient in PracticeSuite. If the tag is added/removed from Elation that would result in inactivation/reactivation of the patient record in PracticeSuite.

D1. In a similar workflow, entering the date of death in PracticeSuite sends the DECEASED tag to Elation.

Date of Death Field in PracticeSuite

D2. The DECEASED tag is added for the patient in Elation.

Deceased info in Elation

Note: Like the inactive tag, clearing the DECEASED tag in Elation clears the date of death in PracticeSuite, however, the reverse will not apply, that is, removing the date of death in PracticeSuite does not clear the deceased flag from Elation.

1.2.2 Deleting/ Renaming Insurances 

If the existing insurance of a patient is deleted in Elation and new insurance is added, this activity will end date the corresponding insurance in PracticeSuite, and add the new insurance. This workflow applies to both primary and secondary insurance flow from Elation to PracticeSuite.

Additionally, if there are changes made to the patient’s insurance info in Elation, however, if the member id remains unchanged, this will overwrite the existing patient’s insurance in PracticeSuite with the latest information instead of adding it as the new insurance for the patient.

1.3 Ahlers – Phone Number Mapping

Phone numbers received from Ahlers system will now map to both the Cell # and Home Phone. Previously, the phone number was only mapped to Home Phone.