‘Need More Info Queue’ is a tab in the user inbox that displays all the tasks from the work queue assigned to the user. The following instructions explain how to access the “Need More Info Queue’ of a user.

1. Click on the icon on the top right part of the home screen of the user.

2. The user inbox as in Image 1 opens up.

Image 1

3. The ‘Need more Info Queue’ displays work assigned information such as – Patient Name, Message, DOS, Age since DOS, Last Followup Date and the sender (username). Users receiving the task can hover the mouse over the Message field to view the entire message as a tool-tip or can click the Reply icon to reply to the message.

4. Reply opens up the Next Action screen to add notes and/or reassign the item. Remind Me in option gives users the ability to temporarily hide the item for a desired period of time. Also, patient documents can be uploaded through the patient’s document management by clicking on the Attach Document link (Image 2). 

Image 2

5. A detailed discussion on how to push tasks into the ‘Need More Info Queue’ can be found here.