You have the option to rebill multiple claims from the Mass Rebill (Print/Rebill) screen. You can also have the claim batches auto generated as soon as the rebill step is completed by checking the box – “Generate Claim”. The checkbox would need to be checked before the claims are selected and clicking the “Re-bill” button. However, the “Generate Claim” option does not only batch the claims that were rebilled from the Mass Rebill screen, but generates all claim batches that are yet to be batched and have been posted or set to a rebill status from other billing screens as well, such as  – Payment Posting, Edit Charges etc. In other words, all claims that are ready to be submitted would be batched with the use of the checkbox.


Helpful Hint: If you do not need all the claims to be batched at that moment, do not check the “Generate Claims” option. Instead, select the claims and hit on the Rebill button to have the claims rebilled . Then go to the “Batch Claims” tab and use specific parameters to batch.