The setup and configuration for the General ledger Accounts is done through the GL Master In the Advanced Setup.

GL Master

1. To add new General Ledger Account, Click on the icon  on the top right hand side of the GL Master page; see Image 1.

Image 1

2. Enter the details for the new General Ledger account to be set up. All fields are mandatory.

Image 2

3. Table 1 explains the fields in detail.

Field Description
Account # Enter the internal General Ledger Account #
Legal Entity Select the legal entity against which the account is being created
Account Type Select the account type from the drop-down list
Account Name Provide a name for the account being created
Account Balance Type Select the balance type (Debit balance/Credit balance) to which amount is to be added
under this account.
Amount Type Select the type of amount (i.e. Charge, Payment, Adjustment or Balance) to be grouped under
balance type in this account
Active This checkbox is active by default. To make an account inactive, uncheck it.

4. Click on Save after providing all the information and general ledger account gets created. In order to edit an account already existing, select the edit icon against the account in the GL Master page; see Image 3.

Image 3

GL Report

In order to run GL report, go to Advanced Menu and click on GL Report. Provide appropriate search parameters and click on Search.

Image 4

The report can be exported into PDF and Excel outputs.

GL Detailed Report 

This report displays patient-wise debit and credit amount generated. In order to run GL Detailed Report, go to Advanced menu and click on GL Detailed Report. Provide appropriate accounting date range and click on Search. Image 5 is a sample GL Advanced report.

Image 5

The report can be exported to excel and PDF formats. The exported data in excel format can also be imported into QuickBooks.