Once you have sent the claims to your clearing house, the submitted claims reports can be viewed on your clearing house portal. For claims submitted to Emdeon, you would be provided access to a tool named – ‘Emdeon Claims Vision’ to view the submission reports.  Additionally, ERAs released for the Provider by the Payer and received by Emdeon also get listed here.

If your Emdeon clearing house enrollment has been completed and you’re yet to receive the username and password for ‘Vision’, please contact Support to have the username and password sent to you.

To login to Vision – copy and paste the URL below to your browser address bar and enter your user and password on the login page.


You would be prompted to change your password and also create a Security question on first login.

To access the Claims reports, expand the “Reporting & Analytics” menu and click – “Claim Management (Provider)”.

If you wish to learn more about how to use the Vision tool, click the “Education Center” to access the tutorial.



Reviewing Claims Reports

The Home screen of the Claim Management screen provides a snap shot of your submitted claims activity reports –

A. Batch Level Status – Shows the rejected batches on this section. Clicking on the “Click here” next to the file-level rejections lists the rejected batches.
B. File Level Status – Shows the file level acceptance and rejections. Clicking on the File ID lists the claims that were accepted or rejected in that batch.
C. Rejected Claims Work Status – A Pie chart of the % rejected worked claims as opposed to the rejected unworked claims. All rejected claims first appear on the report as unworked. After you make the necessary corrections in the billing software and resubmit the claim, you can flag the claim as “Worked” by checking the box on the report.
It’s a good practice to regularly mark all your worked claims, as this would help to efficiently track your unreviewed rejected claims.


There are additional options on the “Claims” menu to view or filter claims reports –


Listing ERA Payments

If you receive ERA from Emdeon, you can also view the ERA payment details by expanding the “Payments” menu and selecting “ERA Search”.


For detailed tutorial on how to track claims and ERA payments, please click the Education link on the home page of the Claims Vision.