Adding a Level-2 Component

1. From the Charting screen, select the Level-1 component under which the Level-2 item is to be added.

2. Click on the sign. Below image shows adding a level-2 component under Level-1 Pain Rating.

3.The Edit Level-2 dialog box opens up; provide info in the necessary fields. Table below explains each field in the Add Level-2 Component screen.

Field Description
Name Provide a name;
Code Provide a code to match the name
Description Provide a description to match the name
Field mask To restrict type of characters entered in to the field; provide ALL to have  no restriction
Active By default it is checked; Uncheck it to remove the item
Level-1 Provide the parent level-1 component under which the level-2 should appear. You can edit this later if required and change the Level-1 Component under which this Level-2 will be listed by clicking the search button and choosing another Level-1.
Listing order Specify 1,2,3, etc. according to how you want this item to be positioned in the list.
Start on a New line To start the narration for this Level-2 from a new line
Begin Text, End Text To customize the narration, click in the Begin Text and enter the text that you require the narration to begin with and click End text box and type text that you want the narration to end with.

4. Click the Save button; The new Level-2 component will be added under the selected level-1 item.