I26 report will query the activities for charges on each update on the line status (from creation to current status). It can be used to analyze productivity of billing specialists and tracks how much is being billed by them from each of the buckets.


This report is used to track line status changes of the charges.

The report has an excel output option.


1. Provide a user name as the search parameter along with the activity date to track the user’s activities related to charges in the specific date range.

2. Provide the Accession# to track line status change activities of a patient.

Search Filters for the I26 Report

Field Description
Activity Date Time frame within which the activities related to charges are to be monitored
Legal Entity To filter the report for a specific legal entity
Provider To filter the report for a specific provider
User To view activities done by a specific user
Accession# To filter results for a specific patient

Search Screen of I26 Report

Sample Output of I26 Report