K5 Report lists all the TeleMed visits of PracticeSuite.


1. K5 report provides details of every TeleMed visit created in the system such as the details of the patients for whom the virtual appointment was done as well as the user who created the visit in the system.

2. If the visit is linked with the associated EHR, the columns service location, rendering provider and legal entity will be filled according to the EHR chart; if not linked these fields would be empty.

2. Direct Export to Excel option provided.

Search Filters of K5 Report

Field Description
DOS Provide the Date of Service range
Legal Entity Provide legal entity to filter the TeleMed visits of a specific legal entity
Provider Provide the provider name to filter results for a specific provider

Search Screen of K5 Report

Sample K5 Report

Export options provided for K5 Report

Option Description
Excel output  Fields in the Excel output of K5 Report