The To-Do List shows the action items for the logged-in user, assigned by other users. The assignment can be done from any one of the screens listed below.

eFax Screen

Lab Hub Screen

To-do Screen

How to Access

1. To access the To-Do List, click on the icon (see Image 1) on the top right part of the PracticeSuite screen. The inbox of the user opens up, as in Image 2.

Image 1

2. Click on the (highlighted in Image 1) to view the To-Do List of the user.

3. In the Show drop-down, select Completed to view completed tasks; Active to view all Active tasks and All to display all tasks.

Image 2

How to Create a New To -Do task

1. To create a new task, click on button and Image 3 opens up.

Image 3

2. Enter the required fields. 

a. Type: The type of task to be added.

b. Assigned To: The user to whom the task is assigned.

c. Priority: Priority of the task (HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW).

d. Due Date & Time: Date and time to do the added task.

e. Related To: To indicate whether the task is related to a patient or others. Select either Patient or Others from the drop-down. If Patient is selected, provide patient name in the Patient field.

f. Task: Enter the task details to be done.

3. Click the Save button to save the task and add it to the list.

Task Forwarding and Completion

Tasks can be forwarded to another user through the button (highlighted in Image 4). If a task is complete, tick the checkbox to indicate completion and the task will have a strikethrough to indicate that it is no longer in the TO-DO List; see Image 4.

Image 4