PracticeSuite Release Note For Interfaces

Product Release Version: 19.8.1

        Product Release Date: April 2021

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Part – 1 Enhancements

1.1 Ramsoft-UB04 Claims can be Sent from Ramsoft to PracticeSuite

UB04 claims can henceforth be sent from Ramsoft to PracticeSuite. If the insurance payer is institutional in PracticeSuite, all the charges with the payer will be created as UB04 in PracticeSuite.

1.2 Claimocity- Outbound Synch Implemented for Patient Merge

Whenever a patient merge is done in PracticeSuite, the system will trigger an outbound merge file to Claimocity with the merge information. This enables Claimocity to make the corresponding changes. Hence, patients merged in PracticeSuite will be merged in Claimocity as well.

1.3 Elation- Reverted Insurance Payer Type Sync Between PracticeSuite and Elation

Payer Type mapping between PracticeSuite and Elation is turned off currently; the mapping will be done on request.

Part-2 Bugs

2.1 Elation- Duplicate Insurance Creation Due to Special Characters in Member ID

Whenever special characters like hyphen were detected in Insurance member ID sent from Elation, PracticeSuite created a duplicate patient insurance ID. This bug is now resolved and any special characters present in the insurance member ID sent from Elation will be removed and saved in the patient insurance.