Removing a Level-2 Down/ Right option

1. From the Charting screen, double click on the Level-2, the Edit Level-2 dialog box will appear.

2. There are two tabs in this dialog box (The steps to remove Level-2 Down and Level-2 Right are the same.)

3. Click on the required tab.
* Level-2 Down:- Click on this tab to remove options below the Level-2 list.
* Level-2 Right:- Click on this tab to remove options to the right of the Level-2 list.

4. Select the item to be removed from the Down/Right list.

5. Click to clear the Active check box; the Level-2 Down / Right option will be made inactive if this box is unchecked.

6. Click the Add/Update button, the selected option will now be displayed as inactive in the list below.

7. Click the Save button.