In the legacy reporting, as some movements (changes to locked transactions) were permitted in a closed month, this report helped to fetch the details and showed the comparison of A/R and transaction numbers at the close with the current (if there were changes).

The unusual transaction report has mainly two parts.

a. Section 1 lists the changes to charge lines and payments in the closed month that can impact the ending A/R of the closed month.

b. Section 2 lists the changes to charge lines and payments from previous months, which in turn impact the starting A/R of the closed period.


1. The J31 has two export options, as shown in Image 1. The first one is the normal export to excel option, which exports the results to an excel file. The additional Excel button exports the report to a detailed Excel format. This option includes some additional fields in the report, such as – MR #, DOS, procedure code, Total Charge, Remaining, INS Payment, and Patient Payment with Subtotals.

Search Filter for J31 Report

Field Description
Year Year of the Closed period
Month Closed month

Search Screen of J31 Report

Sample J31Report

Possible Outputs of J31 Report

Fields in the Excel Output of J31 Report

Fields in the Detailed excel of J31 Report