J30 report is a 12-month data of gross vs. collections and with a forecasted collection (calculated at 24.5% of the gross). The report contains the regular financial summary data viz. charges, payments, adjustments, and with aging buckets of >60 and > 90 days outstanding from dos. Additionally, a % of the payer mix is also shown in the report.


1. This report gives the average Collection forecast based on a 24.5% receivable. It also gives forecast on the Collectible.

2. A/R> 60 days and A/R>90 days values in the report match with the related values in the D15 report.

Search Filters of J30 Report

Field Description
As on Acct. Date The accounting date as on which the report is to be produced
Legal Entity Billing entity
Provider To show results pertaining to a specific provider
Service Location To show results pertaining to a specific service location

Search screen of J30 Report

Sample J30 Report

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