1. Does the lab hub have an auto-retrieve facility??

Yes. When the user opens the Lab Hub screen, the system will fetch all the results since the last fetch. This feature is present in the ‘Connect to Lab’ screen as well.

2. Can we assign tasks related to lab orders to another user?

Yes, we can assign lab order-related tasks to another user from the Lab Hub screen. In the result listing, click on the ellipsis on the right end and select ‘To Do’. Provide the user name in the pop-up and save. The assignee can view the tasks in their To-Do list.

3. I have some paper orders. How can I handle these on the lab Hub screen?

Paper orders will be kept as ‘pending’ on the lab Hub page. These can be marked as ‘Completed’ using the ellipsis at the right end. Thereafter, they will be in the completed status. They can be filtered and displayed using the search criteria ‘Sent/Completed’.

4. Does the lab Hub screen provide a way to view the patient’s past test results?

Yes. Identify the required patient from the list and click on the ellipsis at the right end. Select ‘Lab History’; this will open the Lab tab of the patient, which will have the previous results.