Quickly Add a Level-2 Component Item

The Charting screen comprises of two main sections; on the left are pre built content headings
(SUBJECTIVE, OBJECTIVE, ASSESSMENT, PLAN etc. ). Under these headings, different Level-1’s are listed. When a Level-1 is clicked, a customizable list of Level-2’s (Component Items) to be included in the chart note is presented.
All the Level-2’s in the Consultation Sheets can be edited and new ones can be easily added to improve or update your notes.

Illustration Through an Example

Let us quickly add a new Level-2 Component Item Penicillin under ALLERGIES.

1. Click on ALLERGIES, the list of Level-2’s to include in ALLERGIES will be displayed on the right.


2. Click on the search button to quickly search from a repository and add to the list.

3. In the Repository Search screen that appears, type ‘Penicillin’ or simply type the first 3 letters ‘Pen’. A list of the Level-2’s with fulfilling the search criteria will immediately be displayed as shown below.


4. Click on Penicillins and click the Add button to add this to the Level-2 list; the Level-2 named Penicillins will be immediately added and updated at the bottom of the list.