X-Superbill is used for charge entry of bulk data. Billing of multiple patients can be done with the X-Superbill screen, simultaneously saving the records into PracticeSuite. Below is a sample screenshot of the X-Superbill screen.

Image 1

1. Search Charges (Section 1 in Image 1):

The highlighted section numbered 1 in Image 1 is used for filtering charges according to Accounting Date, DOS, or line status. Additional search parameters such as Legal entity, Provider, Patient, Primary, Secondary and tertiary insurances, POS, Service Locations, etc. are available with the More filters option. Use appropriate search parameters to filter the charges, or else all the charges in the system get displayed.

2. The highlighted section numbered 2 in Image 1 shows the different buckets into which the charges fall according to their statuses.

Image 2

Image 2 implies that there are 125 charges in the NEW status, 33 charges in the BILL_TO_PR state, four charges in the RE_BILL_TO_PR, and so on. Clicking on any bucket displays all the charges in that bucket; this is one way of filtering the charges to display.

3. The main section is the case-wise listing of charges of each patient. Refer to Image 3. Against each patient name, their DOB, MR#, PC Ref#, Case#, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Insurances are displayed. The insurance effective dates for primary, secondary and tertiary coverage will show up as a tool tip on the screen.

Image 3

3.a. To edit any charge, click on button at the rightmost end of the line. This opens the chargemaster screen where we can do the required edits. Line level edits can be done by either double-clicking on the line or clicking on button at the rightmost end of the line. HOLD Charges also have line-level edits enabled. Also, NEW and HOLD charges can be voided from the x-superbill screen.

3.b. Four diagnosis code fields are displayed here. To view more, click on beside the diagnosis field.

3.c. To change the case for a charge, click on the case number; a drop-down of applicable case numbers appears; choose another case number and click on button to save the case for the encounter.

3.d. To view/edit the patient demographics, click on the patient name hyperlink.

3.e. The charge lines may contain errors/warnings. The symbol indicates a warning and symbol indicates an error. It is necessary to correct all the errors related to a charge before the system can process the charge.

3.f. To process a charge from the x-superbill screen, select the checkbox corresponding to the line at the leftmost part of the line. Repeat this step for all charges to be processed. Provide adequate values for the fields given in Image 4.

Image 4

3.g. Click on the button.