How to  create Level-1 Components 

If the required component is not present in the encounter sheet, users can create a Level 1 by going to the level-1 listing on the left side using the icon and then clicking on the icon. The add/edit screen, as in the image below, appears.

Provide the name, code, and parent component, and click Save. A new Level-1 component will be created under the provided parent component.

How to Create Level 2 Components

Level-2 can be created by clicking on the level-1 component. In the Level-2 pop-up window that appears, click on the add icon to open the Level 2 Add/Edit screen.

Note: Rich Text is a newly introduced field in our EHR. It had advanced styling options like B, U and I.

ICD 10-Procedure Code Mapping for Level2’s

Level-2 items in a chart can be mapped to a specific set of procedure codes and ICDs. A tab for procedure code/ICD mapping is brought into the Level-2 add/edit screen (see image below) to store the mapped procedure codes and ICDs. Users can enter values as depicted in Table 1.1.1 and save the changes.

Fields for Procedure Code – ICD Mapping

Field Description
Group Code Select Procedure Code or ICD
Value Provide the first 3 characters of the selected procedure code or ICD. When matching entries emerge, select one
Code This is populated as per the entry in the Value field
List Order Specify the ordering, if any.
Active To delete an entry added, uncheck the ‘Active’ check box.

While charting, in the Level-2 popup screen, users can view the mapped ICDs and procedure codes with a link icon under other Level-2 downs. Select Level 2 using the check box provided, and save the Level 2 component.

The mapped procedure codes and ICDs will appear under the Billing and ICD-10 components of the chart, respectively.

ICD Section after Mapping

Procedure Code Component After Mapping