This section is for information purposes only. The setup would be completed by PracticeSuite Implementation team. The third-party software provides PracticeSuite with the API key and ID for setup in PracticeSuite.

Payment gateway tab in the Practice options page is used for configuring the payment gateway of a particular practice. The payment gateway is used for linking to third party software in case of credit card transactions. The following are the steps in setting the payment gateway.

1. Select Setup from the main menu and then choose Practice. Now click on button on the top right part of the screen.

2. Click on the Payment Gateway tab of Practice Options and Image 1 opens up.

Image 1

The following are the fields in the Payment Gateway tab.

1. Partner Name: From the drop-down, select the third-party software with which Practicesuite has tied up for credit card payments.

2. Partner Key, Partner ID, Account Type: These are authentication fields passed on at the time of the transaction to validate the Practice.