This article highlights the basic features of the HIPAA office chat.

1. HIPAA Office Chat is used for instant messaging. All the users that you have added via People app will be shown in your Chat list (refer to Image 1).

Image 1

2. HIPAA Office Chat conveniently allows workgroups to collaborate using instant chat messages. All the workgroups to which you belong will be shown on the chat list. The status of all the groups will always be Online.

3. Online users will be indicated by a green dot near their names. It is possible to change the online status to any other (Online/ Chatty/ Away/ Extended Away/ Do Not Disturb) by clicking on the Username at the bottom of the chat list (see Image 2).

Image 2

4. The  icon gives the option to Mute and Hide Offline Contacts.

5. To start a conversation with someone, simply click on their name to open up the chat window (refer to Image 3).

Image 3

6. The icon in the chat window provides the options shown in Image 4.

Image 4

    • DirectTrust: Allows the user to exchange DirectTrust messages. This can be possible only if both users have linked their email accounts with a valid DirectTrust address.
    • Clear History: Allows the user to clear the chat history. The chat history can still be downloaded even after it is cleared.
    • Download History: The chat history with a contact can be downloaded in text format.
    • Send File:  Files can only be sent to users who are currently online at the time of sending them.
    • Last 30 days’ history: Gives the history of the chat with the person for the last 30 days.

7. Client Identifiers can be exchanged by using the  icon at the bottom right of the chat screen.

Image 5

8. It is also possible to have group conversations. Whenever a group is created using the HIPAA Office Group app, it gets added to the chat list as well.

9. In the group chat window, the icon provides options as in Image 6.

Image 6

    • Clear History: Permits us to clear history. The chat history can still be downloaded.
    • Download History: To download the group chat history.
    • Send File: allows to send files to the group.

10. Click on the  to view all the members within the group.